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Advice from Ogbe Okana where the man was born to be an Ifá priest

Tips Ogbe Okana

Family love is a priceless treasure, but sometimes such love becomes overprotective in excess, breaking the future and the free will of the person.

In Ogbe Okana, orunmila Alert about the appearance of this event, therefore, love and take care of your children, but do not force them to make you the center of their world.

Let them fly without abandoning them, but never try to clip their wings or impose your judgment on them.

In this sign misery is born in love

In this letter the person has been unhappy in love as a product of allowing his closest circle to make judgments and determine situations in which the leading voice should have led you.

Do not look in love for a partner free of defects, because perfection in human beings does not exist.

Be tolerant of your half, just as your partner is understanding of you.

Kawó Silé is an essential pillar in his life

Sometimes you feel disturbed and it is the product of the influence of spirits that besiege you.

Go to the foot of Orula to put an end to such an unpleasant situation.

Kawó Silé the Orisha owner of the candle, is an essential pillar in his life, to this Orisha entrust his problems and desires so that with his unbreakable warrior spirit he helps him to win.

Ogbe Okana is Babalawo on earth and in heaven

Ogbe Okana was born to be an Ifá priest and bring the Orunmila doctrine to humanity in order to achieve development and overcome difficulties.

This letter warns you of the need for you to study religion, because in the future you will have a great religious people who will follow you and will come to your door in search of help and sponsorship.

The secret of the horse in Ogbe Okana

In this sign the representation of a horse is offered to the saints and they are asked to achieve their dreams and the strength to achieve them.

This figure will represent in your basket the stability and freedom you need to make your own decisions.

With the horse you will be able to solve labor problems, this statue will position you in the sector where you act as a leader making your word true.

Tips from Ogbe Okana

  • Orunmila advises you to respect married women,
  • not interfere in relationships where there are more than two people,
  • love triangles will bring misfortune in your life.

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