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7 Tips from Ogbe Osa: Do the Whole Things to Succeed

Tips Ogbe Osa

Betrayal and interest are two of the constants that hit the religious ruled under the odun Ogbe Osa the most.

In this sign the person must focus to perform one task at a time and thus be able to guarantee that it is carried out with quality.

You must do everything completely, because it will be useless to start five projects at the same time, if you are unable to complete any of them.

1. Do not be infatuated with what could be and was not

Due to all the aforementioned Ifa recommends that you draw up plans according to your possibilities and not want the impossible to happen in your life.

Do not be infatuated with what could be and was not, live the present looking with sanity towards the future and always try to improve yourself no matter what others think, because nothing is better than leaving past mistakes aside, focusing in new horizons.

2. Don't fight petty wars

Separate from your life people who for any insignificance make a drama, surround yourself with someone who allows you to grow and evolve as a human being.

Turn a deaf ear to malicious comments and don't want to win wars that won't bring you real benefits.

3. Shango and Oyá they are bulwarks in your life

Always respect the word of Shango y Oyá yansa, Orishas that advise you not to get involved in monetary debts, as they will be very difficult to solve to the point that they could bring you a misfortune.

Focus on earning a livelihood honestly, without falling into illegalities or dañar the physical integrity of any of their peers.

4. Rituals with water will be your salvation

Water will always be the most powerful ritual element that Ogbe Osa possesses, with this he will be able to perform dissimilar ceremonies.

  • Ifá recommends you wash your house in the mañanas throwing a lot of water and with this you will refresh your ilé and dispel any curse that has been awarded to you at the entrance of your dwelling.

You can use the water of your Orishas to perform polishing baths and with their blessing to purify your astral.

5. The taboos of Ogbe Osa

Holding animals to be slaughtered is taboo in Ogbe Osa, with this action you are delayed.

Your religious path is linked to the Osha-Ifá pantheon and not to the Palo Mayombe, so it is not advisable for you to carry out initiations in this religious branch.

6. Surround yourself with good company

This is an odun where the person must lead a quiet life, avoiding problems with the law and tumultuous fights.

Once you are ready to sleep, you do not go out again, as the osogbos await you outside your home.

This letter warns the individual not to surround himself with bad company because he will end up paying for acts that he did not even commit.

7. Odun of success, if you have a good head

Ifá says that you will receive great opportunities in life, you will come to occupy great responsibilities and you will be a successful person as long as you use your intelligence appropriately.

This sign marks to receive Oshosi the great hunter, holy that will help you to obtain your purposes with stability.

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