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Ogbe Oshé: Oshún's favorite son What advice does this sign bring?

Tips Ogbe Oshé

Ogbe Oshe was born blessed by Oshún, the deity that owns the honey of bees offers special protection to the men and women born under this sign, guiding their steps and placing many blessings in their path, as well as difficult trials to overcome.

For this deity who overflows sweetness with a smile on his face, condemns disobedience and bad behavior.

Oshún is the main staff of Ifá

Under this odun you have to comply with Oshun and never miss any promise made, since the saint constitutes in this letter a sacred bulwark.

She is the African Venus, the Orisha who helps Ogbe She regardless of time or effort, she is considered the main staff of Ifá.

Ifá warns tragedy by accident

This letter warns to pay special attention to traffic and home accidents, marks burns and injuries from sharp objects.

The digestive system is the set of organs that is most affected in this letter, therefore, orunmila recommends not eating foods that have not been properly refrigerated.

Shango is asked so that the curses do not come

Curses and taunts are constant in Ogbe She.

The person is the victim of constant provocations by the enemy, who will not rest until he achieves his goal.

At Ogbe Oshé we work with the Orisha who owns the candle late in the morning, when his powers reach greater reach.

Shango is the Orisha who is asked to prevent curses from reaching home

  • In this odun the religious baña with Kawó Silé herbs to purge the bad.
  • When man has to face a war, he takes Shango's tools out of his pan and prepares a very hot flour for him, which he will pour over them in a gourd when the name of the enemy is written on a cartridge paper at the bottom of the container.

Work with Orunmila in Ogbe Oshé

In Ogbe Oshé an adimu is placed on Orunmila with six towers, an offering that after being placed must be tested for the saint to accept it.

  • With this work unfoldment and happiness are attracted.

This work is accompaniedaña of the placement of two white candles at the foot of the great Oracle of Ifá, to ask with these, spiritual advancement, progress and health to the wisest deity of the Yoruba pantheon.

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