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5 Tips and Prohibitions of Ogbe Otrupon: His Ashé is given by Olofin

Ogbe Otrupon Tips

Deforestation of forests was born in Ogbe Otrupon and with this the loss of the animals' habitat, this speaks of the destruction of marriage and therefore the dissolution of the home.

This letter marks gradual changes in the life of the individual where losses are predicted as a result of poor decisions made.

Many of the aforementioned losses will be influenced by slander you have suffered.

  • Ifá warns you not staying in places where you are not welcome, just as you need to respect other people's houses and the families who live in them.

1. At Ogbe Otrupon you receive the Ashé from heaven

Ogbe Otrupon must perform assists to an abandoned grave in the cemetery, where he will pick up a eggun by affinity that will become part of his spiritual picture.  

In this sign Olofin began to send his Ashe from heaven to earth, so in this letter the person receives the blessings directly from the hands of the creator.

2. Don't stay in the places where you are unhappy

Ogbe Otrupon represents the mule who was mistreated in the stable, for which she was forced to leave her home and seek her happiness in new lands.

orunmila With this it communicates to you, that in the place that you are not valued leave, because in other places your presence will be missed.

3. Nostalgia and antiques bring you luck

In this letter the person is nostalgic, so it is recommended to have songbirds like the canary to brighten up their sorrows, in the same way music boxes and old objects will bring them great luck.

You are a conservative person who believes in marriage and family.

4. Let your children make their own decisions

Ogbe Otrupon talks about the separation between parents and children and godmothers and godchildren, you must let your children fly and let them make their own decisions.

Avoid hiding secrets from them to retain them, because in the long run when the truth is discovered, your name will be tainted, it may even bring disappointment and sadness.

5. Don't carry the world behind your back

Ifá recommends that you do not carry the world behind your back or want to cover more than you can.

Do not make hasty decisions and discard plans that do not seem coherent, as they will always be doomed to failure.

Do not launch yourself into other people's wars, or battles that are impossible to win, as you will be very disappointed.

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