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Advice from Ogbe Otura, where fortune belongs to those who know how to take advantage of it

Ogbe Otura Tips

Ogbe Tura marks the arrival of great luck to the life of the religious, so it is necessary to remain very alert so as not to miss this opportunity.

This odun talks about the individual suffering disturbances while sleeping, feeling haunted by spirits and bad omens that do not allow him to reach the relevant level of relaxation to successfully fall asleep, so it is necessary that you go to the foot of orunmila.

1. Respect gray hair, but don't trust it.

The person is warned by Orunmila of the presence of an older woman who is very aware of her life.

She is a lady who probably lives very close to her home and is constantly critical of her way of proceeding in life.

This woman has defamed you multiple times, even though she owes you and your family favors.

Ifá recommends maintaining good relations with your mother-in-law, as conflicts with her may cause a dent in your marriage relationship, sowing disunity in the family.

2. In Ogbe Otura the person is a fortune teller

You are a person who was born with the virtue of predicting the future, the things that you predict will sooner or later come to pass.

Never be suspicious of your Eggunes, as they will lead you on the right path in life.

Always pay attention to the spiritualities that accompany youañany represent them so that they can achieve greater strength and spiritual development.

3. Save money for lean times

Orunmila recommends that you not be a finalist, save money so that in times of scarcity you will not be in need.

Do not be sorry for the money you have lost so far, because by working hard you will get it back.

Be reserved with your affairs, for you must not show your sorrows to everyone around you, because false friends will rejoice in your misfortune.

Put all your trust in Osha-Ifa and you will never be disappointed.

4. Ifá warns of problems as a result of an inherited asset

Ifá recommends that you keep the property titles you own in order, mainly those related to your house, as legal confrontations are looming over inherited lands and assets.

Always use intelligence before violence to solve your problems and stick with Olokun, deity who is a bulwark in his life.

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