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2 Patakis to learn more about the odun Ogbe Tumako: wise advice

Tips Ogbe Tumako

Story where Ogbe Tumako lived longing for the past

Ogbe Tumako lived by serving Ifá.

During the nights he would go to bed to think about his experiences and begin to recall the past, nostalgia emerging again in him.

Thus between daydreams passed his days, every night he was saddened by being a victim of oblivion and the ingratitude of his godchildren and loved ones.

With this attitude he only caused himself harm and depression blocked his way, being his way of being his worst enemy.

one mañana while consulting, Ifá recommended that he should put aside the past experiences that affected him, because this was the only possible option if he wanted to be happy.

Ogbe Tumako promptly accepted the suggestion given and from then on his life was more prosperous and blissful.

Pataki where Olofin wanted to put Ogbe Tumako to the test

Constitution he was eager to put Ogbe Tumako's religious knowledge and worth to the test.

For this he decided to send him to call his palace where he told him to plow a large plot of land in just one night.

Ogbe Tumako was surprised at the request made by the Orisha and despite not uttering a word at the time, he left thoughtfully for his home, where in the tranquility of home he could find a solution to his dilemma.

He went to the Ifá council, which told him to deliver many farming tools to ebbó, among these were:

  • peaks,
  • scrawl,
  • shovels and
  • plows.

Suddenly he began to implore his spirits to help him and at nightfall Ogbe Tumako in the company of his egguns set out to the fields in order to work the land.

to the mañaNext time when Olofin went to supervise the work, he was surprised to see that it had been carried out successfully.

Ifá Advice on Ogbe Tumako

Ifá recommends avoiding routine and putting aside sad events in life, because in this way it is impossible to close cycles and move towards a better destination.

This letter warns about the importance of seeking in religion the alternative required to get out of difficulties, apoyáspecifically in the spiritual field, ratifying the truth that exists in the phrase that he cites that:

On earth there is nothing impossible.

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