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4 Tips from Ogbe Yekun: What we should know about Odun de Ifá

Tips Ogbe Yekun

In Ogbe Yekun many virtues were bornAmong these, the faculty of the urinary excretory system to expel waste from the body.

In this same way, the religious must remove from his life all the waste that overshadows it:

  • Bad habits,
  • the false friends,
  • parasitic people who live off their effort and
  • all those who demean him and do not push him to continue fighting for a better future, because in the bottom of their hearts they wish him evil and unhappiness.

1. The effort will lead you to great destinations

In this letter there are various individuals who classify you as an irresponsible person and without judgment.

This is why you must work to show the world and yourself that you are a person with many abilities and that you can achieve what you set out to do as long as you sacrifice by putting effort into the matter.

2. Beware of deceptions

By means of this sign the person is liable to be engañaYes.

The religious must stay away from vicious people, as he can be led astray, especially in his youth or at times when he is emotionally vulnerable.

The Man or woman who is ruled by Ogbe Yekun You must be careful with love, as you will be subject on multiple occasions to suffer ties related to the heart.

This letter speaks of early family losses, so it is recommended to take care of parents.

3. Respect will open many doors for you

In Ogbe Yekun the person is long-lived, Ifá advises not to get involved in lawsuits and avoid violence, as it can cause the accidental death of the person.

Respect gray hair and do not violate the advice offered to you by your mother.  

It is a priority for the person who is governed under this odun to have their own home and to take extreme measures of hygiene, especially those that are linked to their physical appearance.

The use of dirty or torn clothes is prohibited because this will slow you down.

Ogbe Yekun stands out among other signs because the individual always marries people younger than him, women can present hidden pregnancies and realize their condition late.

4. Salvation in Ogbe Yekun is born in Zapote and patience

The person who possesses this letter must receive the consecrations of the Osha.

Ifá says that:

Patience is your best weapon to win battles against your enemies.

The sapote is the fruit par excellence of this sign, because with five sapotes Oshun It will solve many of the situations that can mortify you.

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