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Advice from the sign Ogbe Yono: In making Ebbó is the secret of his I will

Tips Ogbe Yono

Family unification is one of the fundamental pillars at Ogbe Yono.

Odun de Ifá where lies are prohibited and carelessness, since they bring terrible repercussions for man, even going so far as to change the course of his destiny.

Serenity is Ogbe Yono's greatest weapon

Ogbe Yono warns of the need to maintain serenity at all times, violence, especially physical violence, being inadmissible, prompting these acts to be replaced by dialogue.

Do not get wet with rainwater so that you do not collect curses

This letter speaks of a person who enjoys goods that do not belong to him.

In this odun, malfeasance and diseases related to the circulatory system were born.

orunmila advises not to get wet with rainwater, as this will collect curses, among these the most dangerous of all diseases.

The pancreas is the target organ in the diseases that Ogbe Yono will suffer on earth.

Ifá says: Tell me who you are with and I will tell you who you are

Difficulties for conception and diseases related to the digestive tract are two of the constants that Ogbe Yono suffers.

Always take the legal path to resolve the issues that plague you.

You must be selective in choosing the people you surround yourself with, as you will unknowingly acquire the good or bad fame of your companions.añabefore.   

Ogbe Yono does not sit at the table to eat

Ogbe Yono is an odun who is closely linked with San Lázaro Blessed, because in this letter the Orisha went out to travel the world and in his passage through the earth he was learning the secrets of Ifá.

In this sign the Babalawo and the religious in general respect the table at mealtime, preferring not to sit at it to eat food.

Respect the caves, home of Oshún Olueri

You must pay special care with the teeth, because it is in this odun where the diseases related to orthodontics were born.   

Oshún Olueri who lives in the springs that are born in the caves speaks in this sign and advises the religious to be prudent with their actions.

For this Ifá and what has been described above, the caves are respected and they are not accessed at night, neither in a drunken state, nor without company. 

The ebbó is what allows breaking obstacles in Ogbe Yono

In Ogbe Yono you have to constantly perform ebbó to get rid of the osogbos.

The religious governed under this letter must take special care with the candle, because product to this can suffer serious burns.

It is necessary for man to pay mother nature a tribute every year through the ceremony of feeding the earth.

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