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Advice from Ogunda Biode: Ifá that has a pact with Elegguá and Eggún

Ogunda Biode Tips

To Ogunda Biogde or Ogunda Ogbe accompanied himañan three circus spirits that must be:

  • Represented in wood,
  • consecrated and
  • later placed in the fryer of Elegguá.

For these Eggunes will work under the leadership of Eleguá Orisha owner of all roads.

The man born under this letter has mostly the potential to become an Ifá priest and with the grace of Orunmila and his board save humanity.

Eshú is one of the Orishas protectors of man in this Ifá

A large percentage of the success of Ogunda Biogde is due to its Eggunes, therefore, Ifá recommends:

  • Never leave your spiritual picture unattended.

Eshú is one of the Orishas protectors of man in this odun, which is why:

  • Elegguá must always be attended to and
  • count on him before any type of ceremony that is going to be carried out.

Ogunda Biogde has a strong character

One of the most striking features of Ogunda Biogde is her strong character, the will with which she sets out on the path and the sincere rudeness of her words.

The person ruled under this odun will not beat around the bush to say what he thinks, because he believes hypocrisy is the worst facade adopted by human beings. 

Always respect children, never seek to impose anything on them and be careful not to talk about secret or compromising matters in front of them because at the least expected moment they could give you away.

Make ebbo so that you don't lose luck and stability definitely comes into your life.

If you learn to be patient you will be king on earth.

This is an odun where the person was born to be chief

In this Ifá the godfather is represented inside the room of the Osha Ifá, the leader and the head of the family.

Ifá where the person was born to be chief.

Other Powerful Tips from Ogunda Biode:

  • The individual must be selective when choosing his friends because many people will approach you only for interest.
  • Maintain a responsible sexual behavior, because in this sign the person can suffer from the spread of venereal diseases.
  • Beware of teenage pregnancies, your life could be cut short through this phenomenon. 
  • Respect the vices, especially the excessive ingestion of alcoholic beverages.

Envy will be one of the arayés that persecutes Ogunda Biogde

Avoid problems with the law, stay as far away as possible from gossip and keep a deaf ear to slander.

Envy will be one of the arayés (problems) that always haunts Ogunda Biogde, because her intelligence shines in such a way that it draws the attention of others, even when it is not her intention for it to be this way.

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