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3 Advice from Ogunda Irete: Respect must be a guideline in your life

Tips Ogunda Irete

Respect must be the guideline under which Ogunda Irete governs his life.

In this letter it is important that the religious learn to behave in a correct way and have a socially acceptable behavior, because his life will be in constant change due to multiple opportunities that will be presented to him.

Events in which it will be essential to have good education and manners.

in the odu Ogunda Irete the person comes to frequent high sectors of society relating to important people.

Ifá says:

  • That if Ogunda Irete is intelligent, she will go very far in life.

1. Law and punishment were born in this Ifá

The law was born in this Ifá, in the same way that the punishment for those who break it arose.

In this letter, the person must learn to be consistent with his actions so that when the retribution for his actions is not what he expected, he can understand why things happen to him without complaining.

Orula says that:

When you lament you are late, do not put curses on your path because with your own words you will call misfortune.

2. Do not ask for favors at gunpoint because you will not gain anything

Respect your peers if you want to be respected, because in order to demand, you must first lead by example.

Do not ask for favors at gunpoint because you will not gain anything with that attitude.

Patience will make you great, while arrogance will end up destroying everything that you have been able to obtain with sacrifice.

In this odun, the person must know how to wait for the arrival of luck to take all the advantages that it offers.

3. Ogunda Irete's staff are the Eggunes

Be selective when choosing your friends, so that your path is not twisted by following bad advice and imitating inappropriate behavior.

Ogunda Irete's staff are the Eggunes (spirits), through the spirits the person will have everything in life.

  • In your house you cannot miss permanent assistance on the dead man's tile,
  • You must have the spiritual vault set up and taken care of,
  • pay attention to your dreams because through these the spirits will send you a message.

Tips from Ogunda Irete to give attention to the Eggun

Put white flowers, basil and cologne in your vault so that the spirits can unwrap the paintings that are presented.

Once a month you should sit down to read prayers for the dead, so that you develop the gift of clairvoyance with which you came into this world and so that your dead develop.

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