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4 Advice from Ogunda Iroso: Ifá where disorientation is an osogbo

Tips Ogunda Iroso

Ogunda Iroso is an odun of Ifá where the religious:

  • You are not sure what you want to do with your life,
  • feel disoriented and
  • often requires the support of a friendly hand to make decisions.

In this letter the person feels insecurity, this being a disadvantage to achieve their goals.

Orula recommends the individual:

  • Cultivate confidence and learn to value yourself, because only with self-esteem can you get ahead.

1. Lead an organized life if you want to achieve prosperity on earth

For Ogunda Iroso to achieve prosperity on the earth plane, it is necessary that:

  • Start leading an organized life,
  • hold the pledged word and
  • save money for the future.

You cannot become a leaf that the wind carries everywhere, living as a person without criteria will lead you to the path of perdition.

2. Ifá says that he who lives with grudges never finds peace

Pride is one of the main osogbos in this sign, learn to be patient, because everything comes to the lives of human beings at the moment when it is most needed.

Ifá says that:

He who lives with grudges never finds peace.

Get rid of the pain and suffering that one day caused you, leave behind those who have harmed you without becoming a slave to those moments, and learn to move on, because a better future is always possible.

3. Learn to shut up when necessary without this conditioning you

Do not let anyone clip your wings, because it says the fortune teller Orula that you were born to fly and be free, do not abandon your dreams because in these lies a better future.

It is important to learn to remain silent when necessary without this conditioning your way of thinking, since a warrior who reveals his strategy will be destined to fail on the battlefield.

4. Olofin will observe with pleasure the acts executed from the heart

The religious ruled by this odun is the son of betrayal and frequently suffers disappointments from people he helped.

Ifá says that:

Do not worry about that, because Olofin saw in you the good deed of charity towards your neighbor and with that he feels satisfied.

Act according to your heart, stay well with your conscience, your Eggunes and Orishas, ​​because there is no greater reward than having a clear conscience.

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