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Advice from Ogunda Iwori: Oggun with the machete destroyed his enemies

Ogunda Iwori Tips

In Ogunda Iwori Oggun the Orisha owner of iron, Oggun, with his machete destroyed the sorcerer's spells.

In this sign, the religious must rely on Oggun to overcome the difficulties that come their way.

This is a letter in which man will have the continual threat of his enemies, who will tirelessly prepare to destroy him.

3 Powerful warnings of the sign:

  • Avoid conflicts at home, as this letter warns about the possible occurrence of tragedies and accidents in the ilé.
  • Under this letter children are not left alone and sharp objects are not placed on the ground.
  • Don't kick anyone out of your house or offend older people so that the osogbos don't get to you.

Orula says that in this odun the surgical interventions are repeated

Be punctual and accurate in your work so you don't lose your job.

In Ogunda Iwori, volume increases are born in the body such as:

  • the tumors,
  • the pregnancy and
  • the cysts.

Orula says that in this odun surgical interventions are repeated, so it is necessary to rest when this happens to avoid future complications.

Don't look at the sun straight on because its light will blind you.

It says this sentence:

Don't look at the sun straight on because its light will blind you.With this, Ifá wants to tell you that you should find a way to see problems from another angle, because sometimes the solution for these will not be in facing them with impetuosity but in using wisdom for their solution.

This letter warns of the importance of protecting the sight as this is one of the most important senses that the human being possesses.

Elegguá will be one of the most important Orishas in your life

Uno one of the most important Orishas in his life is ElegguáWhen the religious is going through critical situations, one of the solutions to his problems will be to offer Elegguá a guiro.

Keep this deity well cared for so that one of his twenty-one paths is always open to you.

It is as important for human beings to give as to know that they are well paid

Orula advises you to take care of your marriage, because, although it is before the eyes of the world, it may be seen as solid, it may be crumbling from the inside.

Avoid adultery, as this behavior will not lead you down happy paths.

In this sign, sacrifices must be made for the people who love each other without these leading the individual to ruin, it will be as important for the human being to give as to know that he is well paid.

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