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Advice from Ogunda Meyi: In this Ifá Obatalá split the eja tutu in half

Ogunda Meji Tips

representative colors of the odun of Ifá Ogunda Meyi are:

  • White, red, blue and black.

These tonalities are in correspondence with the deities that govern the sign:

  • Obatalá, Shangó, Yemayá and Oggún.

These colorations will bring luck to the person when wearing them, you should avoid:

  • wear striped clothes,
  • borrowed clothes and
  • well-worn outfits. 

Ritual in the name of Elegguá and Oggún:

In this Ifá Obatalá split in half the hey tutu, Yoruba term that corresponds to cold fish, so that the war between Elegguá and Oggún for his possession would end, to seek development and peace in the home.

  1. The religious fries a fish,
  2. When it is cold, he places it before Elegguá and Oggún and
  3. He splits it in half making a prayer to the Orishas.

Orula advises him not to pity his enemies

Ogunda Meyi is a letter in which the person must define many things in his life.

It is an Ifá to make determinations, where problems are nipped in the bud and adversities are not allowed to advance, because by letting time pass they become more serious.

One of Orula's most important advice in this oddun is not to feel sorry for his enemies, because at the first opportunity they have, they will harm him.

In Ogunda Meji, when the priest helps the alleged helpless, he pays him with ingratitude.

In Ogunda Meyi the iron kingdom was forged, where Oggun is the monarch

In this sign the kingdom of iron is forged where the Orisha Oggun he is the monarch, for this reason a special veneration is owed to this Orisha.

In the advice of Ogunda Meyi, Oggun warns the man that he should not carry weapons of any kind, as these could bring misfortune to his life.

So that the iré is not lacking for the religious, he must ask the sun for a blessing every day.

The Eggunes are the greatest defense that the person possesses in this letter

You will be lucky in:

  • Gambling, business and betting.

The guy in this letter has gone into the trade.

Teach your children and godchildren the practice of religion, so that they honor their ancestors through the Osha-Ifá.

The eggunes (spirits) they are the greatest defense that a person possesses, they will always be lighting his way and showing him what is best for his life.

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