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Rituals and tips in Ogunda Odi: Your ilé will be a temple in the Osha Ifá

Ogunda Odi Tips

Your ilé (house) will be a temple for the Osha Ifá Rule

The house where Ogunda Odi lives must have two entrances, as this will become a religious temple in the future, which will be at the service of the Rule of the Osha Ifá.

You will come to practice the Yoruba religion and consecrate a religious people born from your tureen. 

Elegguá speaks in this Ifá, making it clear to the person that before making a decision in his life, he must first be counted on.

Ogunda Odi marks the completion of works at the foot of Oggun to prosper

  1. Ifá tells you to secure your house well and place a white flag behind the main door and a curtain of mariwo.
  2. In this sign, inside Oggun's cauldron lives a mirror edged with black and green thread to which consecrations must previously be made at the foot of Orula.
  3. Along this path you must reinforce Oggun with seven knives and seven strong sticks, for example:
  • Bankruptcy axe, guyakan, jokuma, yaya, akana, jiqui, moruro, mahogany, granadillo, yamao and larkspur.
  1. You must receive the snail from Oggun for good health, stability and rest on the earth plane.

Have an eagle feather in your basket and be like this animal to win

The winner and the battle winner are the sacred herbs of this odun, with these plants the religious can make omieros to clean the house and take lustral baths.

You must live in a house that is not at ground level in order to stay on the rise in life.

Keep an eagle feather in your basket and go about your business like this independent, cunning and reserved animal.

The individual in this sign is independent and does not like to be pressured.

This letter marks the ebo of raising a chicken in the patio of the house until it becomes a rooster to attract prosperity.

The individual in this sign is independent and does not like to be put between a rock and a hard place because they will not live submerged under any human being.

You must have your own house so that your presence does not cause inconvenience and you are never added to the ilé.

Conquer your independence and do not depend financially on anyone, before bringing children into this world, create the relevant conditions so that your descendants do not suffer deficiencies.

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