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Advice from Ogunda Ofun: Don't live in a hurry because nothing will work out for you

Tips Ogunda Ofun

Ogunda Ofun cannot live in a hurry because with this attitude your affairs will end badly.

This is an Ifa ruled by the Orisha Obatala and therefore the person must be filled with humility and patience so as not to be a victim of their bad decisions in the future.

  • Learn to take life more calmly,
  • enjoy every opportunity and happy moment that comes your way because in this life you will never know when your luck will change.

Do not reveal to others information that could harm you

Reserve your plans, your comments and your affairs so that malicious ears do not make interpretations of your words and seek to harm you through your testimony.

  • Do not trust your confidential matters because by sharing them with others they will no longer be secret.
  • Never reveal to other people information that could harm you.
  • If you are a boss, do not tell your subordinates about your weaknesses and mistakes so that they cannot blame you in the future.

Beware of betrayals, witchcraft and bad vices

Try to fulfill your purposes little by little until you see all your dreams come true, don't give up, don't throw in the towel because you may be closer to success than you imagine.

Beware of betrayals, witchcraft and bad vices so that you do not deviate from your path.

People judge you as arrogant and proud without knowing you and once they strike up a conversation with you they realize they were wrong.

Do not meet with those who give you bad examples and discourage you

Do not be impulsive, stay away from friends that, far from contributing something, generate continuous losses.

Remember, do not meet with someone who gives you bad examples and discourages you, that person, far from appreciating you, what he wants is evil.

  • Avoid wearing black and striped clothing because this will bring you bad luck.
  • Take care of your eyesight, because in this odun the eyes, which are the organs of vision, areañan product to illnesses or accidents.

Oggun and Obatala rule the sign of Ifa Ogunda Ofun

Venerate Oggun Orisha of war and work, this saint is regent in Ogunda Ofun, a sign that marks the occurrence of conflicts and power wars.

Under this Ifá, the person cannot trust even his shadow because by doing so he will lose everything he has fought to obtain.

Respect Obatalá and all those people who comb gray hair, do not disrespect women and learn to keep the word pledged.

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