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4 Tips from Ojuani Eyiogbe: By being ambitious you lose

Tips Ojuani Eyiogbe

Ifá where greed is the person's worst enemy, for being ambitious the religious is lost in this odun.

Value the things that you have been able to obtain without thinking about all the things that you still lack.

Help the needy who comes to your door, surely this person will not be able to return the favor, but you will obtain the gratitude of the Orisha Olofin As a reward.

1. The arrogance in this letter will lead the religious along unfortunate paths

Learn to have humility and patience and you will go as far as you want so that pride does not lead you down unfortunate paths.

The path of his life cannot be guided by violence, because the harvest sown will be chaos and tragedy.

Try to fight for a serene life where anger does not dominate your intellect.

2. You have no friends, you were born a son of betrayal

  • Be careful not to suffer a robbery,
  • secure your belongings,
  • do not leave your house unprotected and
  • do not offer your trust to just anyone.

Ojuani Eyiogbe's advice says to always remember that you don't have friends because you were born a child of betrayal, at the moment you least expect it, the person closest to you will betray you.

Be careful, because one of your friends may fall in love with your partner.

3. Ifá says that when you get upset, anger takes over your person

Beware of suffering blows to the head, as a head injury could end your life or leave serious consequences.

In this odun Ifá says that when you get upset, anger takes over your person and you lose your temper, be careful in a fit of rage, do not seriously hurt someone.

You must be more humble and learn to cultivate patience so that you really achieve your goals and do not hurt people unnecessarily.

4. In this Ifá it is necessary to respect the family and the Orishas

Orula advises him to learn to be more intelligent and use patience as a combat weapon to face his enemies.

In the odun Ojuani Eyiogbe the person suffers from sight, so he should check with the doctor frequently and wear dark glasses to protect himself from the sun.

Says Ojuani Eyiogbe that respect for:

  • The family,
  • the people around him and
  • the Orishas, ​​especially towards the goddess Oyá, because this saint punishes disobedience with the loss of mental faculties and blindness.

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