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Ojuani Ika Tips: Secrets and likes are not revealed

Tips Ojuani Ika

Ifa of misunderstandings, where two men will have an upset because of a woman.

Ojuani Ika is a sign in which the religious must be careful when allowing outsiders to enter his house, since out of envy or infatuation they will crumble their marriage.

What does Ifá warn us in the odun Ojuani Ika?

In this sign the secrets or the tastes of the couple are not revealed to the friends, because within their social circle a close person will be interested in your spouse.

This is an odun in which the religious knows betrayal through a helping handDon't give your trust to just anyone.

Ifá says that:

Every time you count your projects someone tends to want to steal them or fight to share their merits without deserving it.

1. This is a sign that in iré the religious enjoys development

The pataki recounts that for the development to come to his life, Orumila atefo with corn grains.

In iré Ojuani Ika gives the religious the blessing of enjoying good economic development, but despite this you will need to save funds so that in times of scarcity it does not suffer from deficiencies.

Prosperity Tips:

  • The person sows corn at the foot of Olokun and Orisha Oko and as he takes care of it, he will have health, economic development and evolution.

You must respect the corn and try not to ingest it because through this grain you will be saved from adversity.

2. Always respect women, especially the daughters of Oshun

You are prohibited by means of this letter from throwing out people who arrive at the door of your house, because by this act he will lose his luck, but you need to learn to limit your visitors to avoid misunderstandings.

So that good fortune does not abandon him Make ebbo at the foot of Elegguá.

Treat your wife and daughter kindly and always respect women, Specially to Oshun's daughters because as long as you are courteous and treat them well, Oshun will bless you twice as much.

3. Do not allow your religious consecrations to lose the customs

You are a detailed person, do not allow good customs to be lost under your roof or in the religious consecrations that you carry out because in these traditions you will find part of his iré.

The Councils of Ojuani Ika say that you respect the logical order of the ceremonies and do not ignore the steps to follow for wanting to shorten time, because by doing that you You will be disrespecting the Yoruba Pantheon.

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