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Advice from Ojuani Meyi: You will have abundance if you use your intelligence

Ojuani Meji Tips

In Ojuani Meyi the earth's crust was hit and the rocks and mountains were formedañas.

This is an odun of wisdom, to expand in all aspects of life and grow.

This is a letter in which the religious man reaches abundance if he knows how to use his intelligence for correct purposes.

What marks the Odun of Ifá Ojuani Meyi?

Ojuani Meyi marks the renewal of the human being and the legacy that he will leave to the world when he takes his last breath.

Through this sign the person comes to form his own religious people and achieves renown within The rule of Osha-Ifá.

1. Olofin granted the upper and lower limbs to man in this Ifá

Olofin created the human being in this odun forming the hands and feet:

  • Hands to build and
  • feet to stand and walk.

Thus, the great Olofin granted the upper and lower limbs to man so that he would be superior to other animals, making him privileged.

In this odun the person must take care of his hands and feet so that either by accident or illness you don't lose them.

2. You were born with the gift of clairvoyance, develop in the spiritual vault

This sign talks about the specters and the communication that the person maintains with the world of the dead.

You were born with the gift of clairvoyance, reason why you should:

  • Develop in the spiritual vault,
  • make sure your glasses are never dirty or empty and
  • have it with preferably white flowers. 

3. The religious cannot eat food that is not refrigerated

In Ojuani Meyi they suffer:

  • stomach ailments,
  • tumors,
  • ulcers and
  • diseases in the lower limbs.

In this letter the patient should go to the doctor and do not wait until the last minute to attend.

To avoid serious damage, you cannot eat food:

  • out of refrigeration,
  • badly elaborated or
  • with excessive fat.

Avoid eating food when you feel upset, so that your digestion does not paralyze.

4. The reason for the existence of life and death is spoken in Ojuani Meyi

In this Ifá we talk about the reason for the existence of life and death, odun where Olofin limits the vital time of each human being, making them return to his side once they have fulfilled their mission on earth.

Through this sign the religious must say every day Maferefún Eggun and thank your spirits for everything they have given you. 

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