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3 Advice from Ojuani Obara: Brothers have to live together

Tips Ojuani Obara

In Ojuani Obara brothers have to be well taken In order to achieve the I will go, they have to live together in order to become great and strong in life, because in this letter one is the support of the other.

As long as there are good relations between the two, he will come to your door and they will never lack prosperity.

Your ancestors do not want you to grow up among you. resentment, hatred, envy or lies because with these attitudes they will not evolve spiritually or achieve any of their purposes.

What mark Ifá in Ojuani Obara?

As a religious you must instill in your children that there is nothing more sacred in the world than family and that it deserves love and respect.  

1. In order for you to evolve, you must obey the instructions of Ifá

You like games, rooster fences and lottery, through one of these variants he will achieve luck, but he cannot get addicted because if he does, he will find his downfall.

In Ojuani Obara, for the religious to evolve, he must obey the advice of Ifá and comply with the recommendations that Orunmila offered him in Itá.

Request the leri (head) so that your thoughts are fresh and you do not forget the earrings.

2. In this sign the religious must eat well

In this sign the person must be fed so that the body does not weaken, you cannot go hungry to lose weight, or for reasons of austerity or neglect, prioritize your diet.

The disease haunts the personand sometimes it is linked to eating disorders.

In Ojuani Obara the woman must check the interior, because it suffers from ailments in the female reproductive organs.

Despite the difficulties that come your way, you must know how to remain calm so that you do not lose your head.

3. Ifá says that many of the people around him do not consider him

Every day when you get up say: Maferefún Obatalá, the Warriors, Orumila and Eggun!, well these orishas and spirits they have saved you and your family from great adversity.

Pay him with love, faith and respect, because this is the only thing that they will demand from you.

Ifá says in the advice of Ojuani Obara that many of the people around him do not consider him and approach him looking for some kind of benefit.

In this Ifá you can be accused as a thief and slander him.

To solve the questions that life puts you, you must first look for the answers within yourself.

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