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4 Tips from Ojuani Odi: Trust, life will smile again

Ojuani Odi Tips

In this sign you must ask for Oshun's blessing every day of this world!

In Ojuani Odi the person sometimes thinks that life will not smile again and he is wrong, because He still has a beautiful road to go, but to find new opportunities you must put aside the fear of failure and dare to dream big.

you were born to work the sacred Rule of Osha-Ifá, a path that must be traveled along with the path that he chose to carry out his work.

1. Don't be innocent, people are capable of hurting you

You cannot live in a house where there are stairs Extremely tall, your feet must always be on the ground and not on the air, so that there is firmness in your life.

Avoid thinking that no one will be able to hurt you, because when you least expect it will receive the betrayal at the hands of an acquaintance and close person.

2. leave the past behindáyes, do not relive painful experiences

You should not wander late at night on the street, nor should you turn your back on anyone in an argument because you may be the victim of an attack. Avoid problems with justice because you can lose your freedom and your position.

Ifá says that the past must remain there, do not relive past experiences, especially painful ones, avoid reopening old wounds, heal your heart and give yourself the opportunity to forgive.

3. Look for a new motivation every day, get away from the routine

In this odun no whims are lived, because through these only adversity is reached. You should look for a new motivation every day to stay away from the routine and not lose heart to keep fighting.

The Councils of Ojuani Odi say that when love arrives at your door, do not notice obstacles to be with that person, for this will be the door to your happiness.

4. Pay the debts you have with any spirit and Orisha

In Ojuani Odi, the religious must feed his guardian angel and the spirit of his father if he is deceased.

The beautiful goddess Oshun He says in this odun that you have to ask for his blessing every day so that his path continues to be sweetened.

This sign says that do not forget to pay the debts that you have with any spirit and Orisha, especially if these are with Elegguá.

Ifá says that in life you don't leave a path on the sidewalk, never prefer the insecure before the safe.


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