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Ojuani Ofun's advice: They want to see you poor and needy

Tips Ojuani Ofun

You cannot live disgusted or in a fight with the world, because all human beings have defects and virtues and no one comes even close to perfection.

Warnings that Ifá marks in Ojuani Ofun

Be careful with the candle:

  • You can be burned and scarred for life.
  • do not stay next to flammable objects and
  • be careful with electricity and inclement weather.

Be tactful in dealing with your children and godchildren, because a person will try to sow discord between you in order to separate you.

Don't be envious or greedy, do not try to stop others from progressing because you will fall into osogbo (bad luck).

1. The religious envy stalks him in this sign

You are a very envied person, around him there are people who want to see him poor and needy, and would be willing to deliver popularly speaking, an eye for it.

Don't trust anyone remember that a friend who envy you today is a potential enemy of the world.añana.

The beautiful orisha of the Yoruba pantheon Oshún I accompanied himaña, pay the debts that you have with this saint, because the Orisha, owner of the honey, heard her promises and now wants to see them materialized.

2. Inside your house there can be no broken objects or withered flowers

Don't shed tears at home, because with this Oshún is saddened and discord enters the ilé (house).

  • You should put flowers in your house, music and incense and
  • call the good energies that accompanies itañan to assist you.

The religious cannot have broken objects or withered flowers in his house because you will fall behind.

3. Do not insist so that you do not lose, take care of suffering hot flashes

Beware of a betrayal, especially developed in the labor and sentimental plane.

Respect your elders and create a bond of harmony with them that no one with their bad intentions can win.

Beware of the stubbornness because you will loseBefore discussing a matter, make sure you have the knowledge to refute it so you don't get embarrassed.

4. In this Ifá, due to dislikes, health deteriorates

In Ojuani Ofun health deteriorates Due to disagreements, the religious in Ojuani Ofun is prone to developing arterial hypertension.

Don't be so apprehensive about what happens to you, leave the past in its place and live in the present.

It is an odun where ailments are suffered Concerning the hematopoietic system (blood cell production process), the woman can suffer a psychological pregnancy without knowing it.

Avoid eating salty or spicy so that your health is not damaged.

The sick at home must do ebbó to improve your condition.

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