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Advice from Ojuani Ogunda: Ifá warns NOT to trust anyone

Ojuani Ogunda Tips

In Ojuani Ogunda the guilt of love is paid, the person finds himself in trouble because of his feelings, there is no respite from lies or manipulation.

respect married people, do not break marriages so that you do not live in osogbo.

The virtue of the religious in Ojuani Ogunda It is in his hands, because Orumila caressed Ochún with his hands and she fell asleep, which is why Elegguá became envious of him.

Ritual in search of development and health

Orumila recommends the religious ruled under Ojuani Ogunda, before leaving his house:

  • clean at Orisha ELEGUÁ. with corojo butter and
  • add smoked fish, corn and jutía.

Ifá says that he learns to disguise himself as his enemies

The Ojuani Ogunda Councils say that respect rainwater and avoid getting wet with it.

Beware of suffering a tragedy on the street, do not get involved in problems that do not concern you so that you do not look for osogbos.

Ojuani Ogunda marks that you have to learn to disguise yourself as your enemies and change from time to time their way of dressing and rotate the sites holidays he frequents, so they can never track him down.

Ojuani Ogunda, Ifá in which there are material and spiritual losses

You are a very envied person, many of the people around him are not legal, even members of his own family have looked at him with bad intentions.

  • This letter warns that you can trust no one.
  • Ojuani Ogunda is an odun in which material losses are suffered and spiritual in unexpected ways.
  • always have sumo be careful with the candle so you don't have accidents.

In this Ifá if the religious is not grateful he will fall into osogbo

Be careful with the candle, you want something that is impossible for you to obtain, but with the help of their spirits and Orishas they will achieve it.

Avoid problems especially with women, you product of a discord may suffer an embarrassment.

An odun where the helpless old woman killed the tiger, never underestimate your enemies so you don't get surprises.

the religious should be thankful, otherwise it will fall into osogbo.

Beware of animal bites or suffer injuries to the lower limbs, as these injuries will be difficult to resolve.

In this odun diseases are suffered hematological and metabolic endocrine diseases such as diabetes mellitus.

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