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Advice from Ojuani Osa, the Ifá of the accused: Beware of the evil eye

Tips Ojuani Osa

Ojuani Osa is the Ifá of the accused, in this letter the religious must be careful even in the fact of giving help, because he can:

  • Go in the blink of an eye from hero to villain.
  • Being accused of responsibility in acts of which he was only a part to provide assistance.

You should not stay on the street Late at night, a scare can happen, beware of assaults and criminal acts on your person, avoid ostentation.

Not frequent public places in which large crowds gather, as they can confuse and harm him.

Because of the evil eye you have not achieved prosperity

You are a dreamy person, who harbors great pretensions.

The evil eye It has been one of the causes that you have not achieved prosperity in life, cross yourself at the foot of the Blessed Sacrament and ask three people to read you the prayer of San Luis Beltrán.

Ifá says that in the path of life you will have a son, but for this pregnancy to be fruitful you must do ebo, because a person close to you does not want the fruit of conception to see the light.

Once the creature is born, Orumila recommends that the warriors be handed over to it to purify the curses that were inflicted on it in the maternal womb, since it relates in pataki that it was in Ojuani Osa where people did not want Orumila's wife to give birth.

In this Ifá respect for parents and godparents is essential

Ojuani Osa is a sign in which the person goes through work for not being able to listen to advice.

Odun where respect for parents and godparents is essential, because as the popular saying relates: Ear, do not pass head.

Learn from your elders so that even enjoying youth possesses wisdom.

In this letter attention to Eggún is vital, this odun talks about a spirit that needs a meal and the performance of masses by the church to strengthen itself.

Oshun says that you made a promise that you did not keep.

irresponsible sexual behavior causes in Ojuani Osa the suffering of sexually transmitted diseases, look for marital stability and not fun.

In Ojuani Osa, the goddess Oshun says that you have made a promise to her and until it fulfills nothing will prosper.

Ritual dedicated to Saint Lazarus

Under the roof of his ile (house) you have to adore and respect Saint Lazarus, because with you walks a missionary spirit.

  1. Wipe yourself at the foot of San Lázaro with ministers,
  2. wrap them in a cartridge paper and later in a sackcloth and
  3. take the ebbó to the sanctuary of Babalú Ayé.

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