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Advice from Ojuani Oshe: Have security and power of decision

Tips Ojuani Oshe

Security and decision-making power will be essential in your life, do not be influenced by false friends, do only what your heart tells you and learn to look good with your conscience first and with the world later.

What marks Ifá in Ojuani Oshe?

  • In this Ifá the religious is baña in the river to purify.
  • You will have a son who will bring you a lot of luck, do not deny your responsibilities with him.
  • Visit your godfather to make a receipt for you.
  • The sacred herb in Ojuani Oshe is the yellow plum, this herb can be used for purification baths and for cleaning in the home.

1. Don't listen to those who like to invent rumors to watch the world burn

You don't like to listen to advice and you think you know all the secrets of life.

Bad advice will come to your ears from people who want you to separate from your partner, do not listen to those who like to invent rumors just to see the world burn.

You are the one who must determine for yourself if you want to continue with your relationship or not.

In your house you can not argue for banalities so that good fortune does not go away. 

2. In this odun was born the ability of the chameleon to change color

Ifá says that:

  • The Orishas and Eggunes will benefit you as long as you don't lie.

Pay the debts that you have acquired and do not owe anything, do not promise things that you cannot fulfill.

In Ojuani Oshe the ability of the chameleon to change color was born, you must learn to camouflage yourself to cause an impact when you want and go unnoticed when you need it.

You were cursed without knowing it, go to the foot of Orula to eradicate such disturbance.

3. The religious must do good without looking at who in Ojuani Oshe

In Ojuani Oshe the religious throughout his life must receive the Orisha Odua.

In this odun the religious must do good without looking at whom.

  • You cannot get wet with rainwater or indulge in drink.
  • All the problems that you present in life will be solved in the river at the foot of Oshun.
  • Counting dreams in this sign is taboo.
  • Perform mass for the church to their deceased relatives.
  • The sacred tree in Ojuani Oshe is Iroko.  

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