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Okana Ika's Tips: If you make deals with the cat, it will go up in smoke.añado

Okana Ika Tips

The drought was born in the odun Okana Ika, a letter in which the cautious farmer saved grains for difficult times, while the irresponsible suffered deficiencies.

Ifá in which in osogbo there are economic, emotional, material, spiritual and health losses, Okana Ika marks the realization of ebbó at the foot of Orumila To thrive.

What mark Ifá to the religious in Okana Ika?

Ifá says that the one who makes deals with the cat will always come out inañaof, in every matter in which you get involved you will participate, as long as they are lawful issues there will be no difficulties, because otherwise you will suffer serious consequences.

Ifá says in the advice of Okana Ika that people will judge according to the behavior of the group, choose your circle of friends well.

1. Honor Father Obatala every day and protect yourself with cascarilla

in okana ika Obatala, Greater Orisha, changed the black clothes for white and as a result of this he began to enjoy peace, health and evolution, since black clothes attracted misfortune, the religious governed by this letter should not wear black.

In this sign the people wanted to kill the son of Obatalá and he covered him with cascarilla and saved him your secret weapon will be cascarilla.

Through the mediation of this Ifá you will always be surrounded by malicious people, do not trust anyone, do not go to desolate places with strangers, you must say every day Maferefún Obatalá, this Orisha has freed him from many adversities.

2. Ifá recommends receiving Oshosi the great hunter

Ifá Okana Ika advises you to receive the orisha hunter oshosi, so that this deity brings you luck, health and prosperity, and in turn also traps envy, jealousy and malevolence, so that your enemies never have the pleasure of seeing you defeated.

  • You should be careful with legal problems, avoid incurring in illegalities.
  • Avoid eating chickpeas or beans, grains that are taboo in this letter.
  • You are a spiritualist take care of eggun to develop your gift.

3. The religious must feed the roof of the house for the development

Through this odun, the religious must feed the roof of the house so that a good for economic development enters the ilé (house), after hold assistance to an Indian entity who governs his ilé using sunflowers and pumpkin.

In this odun within Orumila lives a cat's claw so that luck does not escape and the person is not harmed by bears.

Open and close the door of the house three times once a week so that fortune enters the house.

Beware of red women, these will be your downfall, in this Ifá evolution and losses come hand in hand.

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