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Advice from Okana Irete: Greatness is achieved with sacrifices

Tips Okana Irete

The art of carving wood arose in the odun Okana Irete, sign where the human being was born to create wonders through his hands. It arose why the person feels chills when interacting with the spiritual fluid.

It's taboo in this sign eat rice scraps and poorly prepared meals.

What mark Ifá in Okana Irete? 4 Warnings

You must keep your lerí (head) cool and not allow anyone to touch his head, so that the curses and bad energies that this person may be carrying do not reach him.

1. In this letter you should expect betrayals from vain people

Ifa of betrayal, the pataki recounts that the guanajo's partner fell in love with the peacock and in revenge he chained the peacock, for this reason Orumila warns him to be selective when choosing his partner so that he is not dazzled by the offers of other suitors.

In this letter betrayals from vain people should be expected and talkative, marriage must be taken care of so that love does not end up becoming disrespectful.

It is taboo to take revenge on enemies taking justice into one's own hand, Ifá says that what is useless is thrown away, prefer to end a person in any aspect of life rather than be involved in tragedies, because in the long run you will be the most harmed.

2. Okana Irete's luck is in her astral

In Okana Irete greatness is achieved through sacrifices. Odun where he is worshiped Shangó Orisha regent of the Osha, music and war.

  • You You can't give away your clothes because it will be late. 
  • Ifá says that the religious governed by this letter will have a long life and prosper if he knows use intelligence.
  • Respect at all times and places to your couple, do not make people around you hot flashes.

The luck of Okana Irete He is in his astral, his main staff is Eggun (the spirits).

3. In this letter the person sits to wait for the parade of his enemies

Within his spiritual cord reigns the will of a spirit man who never leaves him.

In this letter the person sits down to wait, because Your enemies will go to beg for your help. one by one. Take care of betrayals and disappointments so that you do not suffer.

Ifá says in its Okana Irete advice that you born to work the holy rule of the Osha-Ifá.

Do not carry weapons of any kind, be careful, do not suffer an attack at the hands of a person carrying a bladed weapon, don't wander alone down the street late at night. 

4. At your own pace you will conquer many victories

Ifá says that at your own pace you will conquer many victories. seize every opportunity that life offers you, do not be afraid to take risks, make the most of everything that surrounds you. 

Oshún and Obatalá are a bulwark in his life.

Keep your secrets so that the plans you make come to fruition.

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