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Advice from Okana Iwori: Ifá of battles and adversities

Okana Iwori Tips

Okana Iwori talks about the formation of the earth, it is a odun of changes, where multiple events occur simultaneously in the life of the religious, it is a letter of rapport, because if the layers of the earth do not stay together the planet disintegrates.

The Orisha Shango rules this odun, a sign where wars and envy are constant, chili peppers speak, discord arises and people fall out due to misunderstandings, you should always try to stay away from discussions and conflicts because in one way or another will always end up involved.

Okana Iwori is an Ifá of battles and adversities, where the religious must Be prepared to face any obstacle that comes along the way is a sign of surprises and impulsiveness.

1. If you promise a gift of grace to the spirits or the Orishas, ​​fulfill it

  • Be careful what you say in front of children, they could reveal their secrets.
  • You are a merchant don't lend your money because you can't get it back.
  • Within his spiritual picture, the presence of a Congo spirit of foundation is manifested that must be represented.
  • When you promise a gift of grace to the spirits or the Orishas don't divert resources Saved up for this on something else so it doesn't fall behind.

2. Be selective with your diet and water intake

Avoid legal problems so you don't lose your freedom.

Take care of your spiritual picture so that the blessing of eggun (spirits) accompanies him.

you in the course of your life will inherit property or money through a close friend or family member.

In this odun is no attempt against life, beware of burns.

You must be very selective with your diet and with your water intake, in this letter the person suffers from ailments stomach and urinary tract.

3. Do not overprotect your children, they must learn from your sacrifice

In Okana Iwori the deformations of the female womb were born and why Oshun blesses the bellies using the gourd.

The religious cannot overprotect their children, they must learn the sacrifice with which you provide them with their goods so that they know how to value their work. You must guide your children, not impose your reasons, it will be better that there is a relationship between the two of you. bond of unity than of distrust.

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