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7 Tips from Okana Meyi: Get away from where you feel imprisoned

Okana Meyi Tips

Contagious diseases came to earth through Okana Meyi, odun where Babalú Aye went around the towns ringing his bell, a letter in which obedience and respect are owed to this saint for being miraculous and protective of the helpless.

The religious governed by this Ifá has strictly pforbidden to make fun of beggars and instead he must offer charity to everyone he meets on the way, so that Saint Lazarus blesses him and covers him with his mantle.

Sexually transmitted diseases were also born in this odun, so the person must behave responsibly and avoid promiscuity if you want to be exempt from these ailments.

1. In Okana Meyi the healing processes are slowed down

The porous stones appear in Okana Meyi as a representation of the goddess Yemayá, elements used in turn to purify water.

Ifá of the dogs and animal coyotes that haunt the night.

  • You should take care of suffering from ailments related to Gallbladder,
  • should eat low-fat foods y
  • avoid pimples and the Chocolate.

Ifá says that in Okana Meyi the healing processes are slowed down, the person should take care of suffering blows and injuries because it will be prone to complications.

2. Okana Meyi establishes the weight of the word on earth

Odun that establishes the weight of the word on earth, where the pacts arose, in this letter the prestige of the religious will be proportional to its capacity to fulfill its promises.

Fertility is a virtue in Okana Meyi letter where the couple has a high probability of conceiving multiple pregnancies. For luck to come into your life, you must rely on Orunmila.

3. Lyrics where surprises take him off guard

Okana Meyi is an odun of working the Osha-Ifá, of overcome difficulties through eggun and the Orishas, It is an Ifá of faith but also of tests. In this letter, surprises tend to catch the person off guard, you should consecrate yourself in the Yoruba religion as soon as possible.

Odun of changes, of keeping clear accounts and do not borrow under any circumstances.

In this sign the religious should pay special importance of health care and not leave your affairs for later.

4. Do not get wet with rainwater so that you do not live bears

Ifá says that you cannot be a victim of anyone, you cannot remain in any place or relationship if you feel imprisoned, because Okana Meyi's iré is in freedom.

Avoid getting wet with rainwater so that you do not live bears, in this odun the bird got wet in the rain and became unable to fly as a victim of predators.

You You have to find your independence so that no one questions their actions or lives shortcomings.

5. Humanity did not recognize Orula for the good he did

In this odun, humanity did not recognize Orumila for the good he did, which is why it is said that the religious is persecuted for ingratitude.

It is taboo to eat a rooster beef and beans.

As long as you are blessed by your eggunes and by your guardian angel, He will be immune to Hexes.

In the course of your life you must receive the jimaguas and Ildeu so that all their wars may defeat him, just as they defeated the devil.

6. Before making important decisions: meditate

Learn to forgive the faults of people who love you well, remember that in this world only the saints and the dead are perfect and all men and women have the right to be wrong.

Remember that when making important decisions in your life consider the benefits and harms that these will bring you, after doing this you will know what is best for you.

You cannot act on a whim, it is preferable to start a new company than to fail, do not cling to impossible things, that will set you back.

7. In this letter the dead cheat the living

Orumila says that their downfall will be pride and nonconformity. In this letter the dead cheat the living, the way by which Eggun defeats the enemies.

  • Respect alcoholic beverages and avoid eating too much.
  • In this odun Eggun is given an assistance with common water and another with rainwater.
  • You cannot have romantic relationships with married people because it will suffer a embarrassment.
  • It is taboo to have cats inside the house.
  • The person ruled under Okana Meyi is deaf to advice and that's why he fails in life.

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