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Okana Odi Advice: Make ebbó at the foot of your Warriors

Okana Odi Tips

In Okana Odi constitutes a ban on eating crustaceans and animals that walk backwards because this constitutes backwardness for the person. 

Always remember that the religious in this oddun must make ebo frequently at the foot of his warriors and cleanse himself with fruits, ministers, bread, among other addimú (offerings) indistinctly so that good fortune never leaves you.

  • Through the mediation of this Ifá you it should not kill mice or cockroaches.
  • Be careful who you put your trust in so that you do not suffer betrayals or disappointments.

1. Eggun must have a privileged place in his life

  • You You cannot eat reheated foods.
  • Throughout your life you must receive Inle and Abbata for health, seat and rest on the plane of the earth.
  • for his astrality will continually travel to other lands in search of the I will go (good luck).
  • Do not forget that Eggun (the spirits) must have a privileged place in your life, because it is through the dead that you have achieved everything you have, always keep eggun in good attendance. Perform mass for the church to their deceased so that they continue to develop spiritually. 

2. Value love and feelings above material things

Choose the Orisha that opens and closes the roads, represents in your life a bulwark of incalculable value, it is through the mediation of this saint that good fortune and prosperity have come into your life, always count on him before making decisions or closing deals, so that the blessing of alaroye never lacks .

When you receive Orumila You must give him entry into your house so that luck enters your home. You must learn to value love and feelings above material goods.

3. In the face of disturbances, I attended the foot of Orunmila

Always go to the foot of Orumila when you feel conflicted so that the great fortune teller determine what you must do to overcome the difficulties.

The pataki born in this sign recounts that the etu was alone and wandering the world without a place to shelter or live, Orumila advised her to do ebo and from there all her problems began to be solved, she found a home, a job to support yourself and luck on the path of life.

You were born to wear a crown, this is a sign of good fortune, of knowing how to use intelligence to get ahead, it is a letter in which what is built with the hands cannot be destroyed with the feet.

4. In this odun product to a shock can die

Aruye, the scare, was born in Okana Odi odun where the religious product of a shock can die, in this letter the person is not exposed to extreme experiences, especially if they frighten him, jokes are not made regarding an event that may cause him concern, extreme sports are not practiced or they do not attend to spooky amusement parks.

okana odi is a sign to live calmly, to take the necessary time to perform any task, in this letter you do not use masks or attend places where there are crowds of people where they can confuse you with another person.

5. The religious will have the art of trade through Yemaya

Yemayá Mayelewo governs this Ifá, Orisha that use mask to unmask enemies, owner of the business and who lives in a jar, Mayelewo lives in the middle of the ocean, a place where the seven marine currents converge. The religious in this odun will have the art of trade through the goddess Yemaya.

The number seven and the seventh day will be lucky for Okana Odi who came to earth covered with the blessing of the mother of the world, which is why in this sign it should always be said Maferefún Yemaya.

6. You cannot drink water deposited in jars

Ifá says that the awo in this sign manages to obtain material prosperity on the plane of the earth, but lives longing for stability in love.

The eyes are target organs in this sign, since it is precisely the diseases related to these organs that affect the person, Orumila It is recommended that you have visual check-ups. regularly to avoid complications.

In this odun the religious cannot drink water deposited in jars, nor use said container to drink, the jar in his ilé (house) will be sacred and only Yemayá can use it.

7. Your stability on earth is by getting married and starting a family

Okana Odi to find stability on the earth plane must marry and start a family, live trying to be happy, without having to reproach anything and away from bitterness and remorse, therefore, the religious is asked to be faithful to your conscience and act according to your principles so that every day you put your head on the pillow without regret.

Before judging anyone, put yourself in their shoes and think if you would do better under the same circumstances.

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