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Advice from Okana Ogunda, where Eleguá helps him to win

Okana Ogunda Tips

Okana Ogunda is an Ifá odun of great spirituality, in this sign the rainbow was born and the secret of performing ceremonies at the foot of the stars. The religious governed by this letter must greet the stars during the day and night, ask for their blessing and converse with them.

Because of this odun, the person possesses Arab Eggunes within his spiritual picture, whom he must represent in your vault, a place where you can not miss a glass that contains a little sand, some representations of the stars and water.

In Okana Ogunda incense is placed inside the ilé (home) and in business to attract prosperity and free spaces from negative energies. In this letter banquets are celebrated to the stars, for prosperity they are offered a saraeko.

What marks this oddun to the religious?

1. You should not have abortions

Ifá says that faith in the orisha Elegguá it will lead you to overcome great difficulties, in this sign the person has the gift of speech and through it he manages to remove misfortune from his life, you must communicate to your protections what ails you, your dreams and projects so that These help you achieve your goals and win wars.

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The religious in Okana Ogunda should not perform abortions, since a wrongly practiced procedure can leave her without the possibility of conceiving again.

2. Ifá says that you are a person who does not give up easily

In Okana Ogunda Elegguá ate jicotea and Shangó drank brandy. The survival instinct governs this odun, where the person will always find a way to save themselves.

In this sign Ifá says that you are a person who does not give up easily and that thanks to that attitude you have come far.  

In this sign it is said every day maferefún Obatalá and Oggún, Orishas protectors of the human being.

It is forbidden in this odun take sides in situations that do not correspond to you. Don't chase impossible dreams so you don't get frustrated.

3. In this letter is engaña to Elegguá offering surprises

You should take care of the extremities and the spine in this sign spine so that you do not end up with a walking disability.

Okana Ogunda must use his time to the maximum and prepare himself in a trade, so that he never lacks a way to earn an honest living.

In this letter a Elegguá is offered candies, sweets and surprise parties are thrown.

Say the advice of Okana Ogunda what is taboo in this odun eat with despair and lust.

Under your roof you cannot allow lawsuits because you will know how they will begin, but never how they will end, do not have visible weapons in your ilé (house), so that no one can misuse them.

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