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7 Tips from Okana Ojuani: Take problems easy

Okana Ojuani Tips

Ifá where the hen laid the eggs and realizing that they were missing, she got up to dig, not finding them she went crazy, Orumila warns through this Pataki that the mother before the loss of a child can be upset and lose my mind

In this sign the person should learn not to be so apprehensive about problems and manage to overcome them despite the fact that they are difficult situations, you cannot live in the shadow of the past.

In this odun the mother due to life circumstances is seen without her children, either because they leave for other lands or because they leave this world, the consolation that should remain is that the mother did even the impossible for their children and with that they should feel satisfaction.

1. When you end a relationship, do it well and definitively

Luck is haunting your house, but you have not been able to enter because there are many views on it, you are surrounded by curious people who want to know about your life down to the smallest detail. 

Remember that at the end of a relationship it is on good terms and definitively so that said separations do not become hell. Avoid that a beautiful memory becomes a fact that causes torment, do not hold grudges against that person, learn to forgive and let go.

2. Conflicts between siblings are taboo

You has been a victim of curses and witchcraft, attend the foot of Orumila so that the great Ifá diviner recommends what to do.

In Okana Ojuani are taboo:

  • Conflicts between siblings, mainly by material positions.
  • You may not bully or scam people, act with transparency in such a way that the person who wants to slander you has to lie.
  • be firm in your decisions, do not offer second chances to traitors.

3. When you have a purpose in mind, don't count it.

Do not count your purposes so that this can be realized, because many people around you want you to fail. You are a person who was born to be successful and that is why many of those around you envy you and wish you ill.

Don't give away your trust easily so that you are not disappointed, people with you are double-faced.

4. Ifá governed by the jimaguas, brothers who swore to be equal

Okana Ojuani Ifá governed by the Jimaguas Ibeyis, brothers who swore to always be equal, until nature defined them as male and female, even so, they continued together, because their union was their greatest strength. This is an odun in which separation from family constitutes a bear.

The religious governed under this letter will be a continuous target of traps and gossip, fundamentally in the ceremonial plane, because he was born to be great on the plane of the earth and within the practices of the Osha-Ifá, from his tureen a religious people will be born.

Throughout his life, three saints to receive are the Jimaguas and Ildéu.

5. Use Oggún's ashaba before the wars that are coming

Ifá says that you must use the ashaba (chain) of Oggún, because wars are coming your way, within your ilé (house) there will be disputes, because everyone will feel entitled to their house, attend the foot of Orumila so that the conflict can be resolved as peacefully as possible.

This odun speaks in the man of impotence and lack of sexual desire, go to the doctor for the condition to improve.

under this sign tradition was born that the orisha Oggue lived next to Shango.

6. In this sign, goals are achieved calmly, there is no need to despair

Okana Ojuani is a odun of divination, the pataki recounts that a rider approached the side of a path and asked Orumila if he would reach his destination safely, this shot his ékule (divination tool) and warned him that he would if he traveled slowly, the rider he obeyed and arrived safely.

You will calmly achieve the goals, there is no need to despair or compete with anyone, do not worry if others reach their goals faster, because in the long run you will also achieve yours.

7. This is the Ifá where Olokun had war with the chameleon

Olokun had war with the chameleon in this odun, Orumila warns him that your enemies will never openly declare war on you, these will appear overlapping like the chameleon with its colorful disguise, modifying its shape and its strategies to gain your trust and get away with it.

Your enemies will always find a way to be as close to you as possible to study your movements, in this odun the enemy is a cold person, ambitious and calculating. Careful!

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