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Okana Osa's 3 Life Tips: Protect Yourself From Envy

Okana Osa Tips

In Okana Osa the sacrifice of the deer to Oggún arose and the jutía to Elegguá.

In this odun it is forbidden to eat sesame, for being the minister who in the future will save the religious in sarayenye. Together with Okana Osa marches a missionary spirit of San Lázaro, eggun that must be represented and cared for.   

This is a letter that talk about usurpation of positionWell, he cites in one of his proverbs that the death of some is the benefit of others, in the face of a tragedy there will always be a beneficiary, take care of your work, your family and your home, but first of all take care and value yourself.

1. Elegguá took his belongings and went out to travel the world in search of I will go.

In this Ifá the orisha Elegguá He took his belongings and went out to travel the world in search of new adventures, for this odun the person travels to other lands and finds prosperity on his journey.

Ritual against envy and evil eyes:

You are a very envied person, despite its simplicity, many want to have what you have:

  1. Buy an eye from Saint Lucia wash it with holy water and from your spiritual vault,
  2. start using it so that evil eyes and disturbances do not wither your path.

2. In this letter the person is not valued as it should

Insure all your belongings, this is an Ifá of robberies, of losses, blow cascarilla in your ilé (home) to appease negativity.

In this Ifá Shangó became enraged, climbed to the top of the royal palm and no longer wanted to know about the people of his town, then when they noticed the weight of his absence they had to beg him to return.

In Okana Osa the religious is not valued as it should and for this reason he suffers in silence, in this odun children have to love and respect their parents more, because these have made many sacrifices to get them ahead.

3. You must respect the sea, do not snoop in the depths

When Okana Osa arrived on earth, it was necessary to make ebbó for good and for evil, the ebbó was made in the name of Shango.

Ritual with Shango:

  1. It is made to the Orisha owner of the candle boiling flour and is taken to the foot of a hill or to the heart of a jungle,
  2. the Cape is asked that does justice and that appeases the wars that may come against your person and family.

In this Ifá it was where Atlantis sank and the people perished forgotten in the sea, you must respect the sea and not go to browse in the depths, because in they can find death.

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