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6 Tips from Okana Oshe: There is danger in trust

Okana Oshe Tips

Ifá marked by envy and betrayal, odun where trust is in danger, sooner or later false friends will end up betraying him. The man ruled by Okana Oshe must be careful in private, because a woman who wants to have him tied up can work through semen. 

1. This is a sign of doing crazy things without thinking about the consequences.

In Okana Oshe crazy things are done without thinking about the consequences, it is recommended to the religious beg your head and reflect before making decisions so that later they do not lead to defeat, you can lose everything due to a bad decision.

In this odun the person does not listen to the advice of his parents or his true friends, because He thinks that everyone wants to rule him. A sign where the family does not finish accepting the spouse that the awo has chosen to form a family.

2. The religious governed by this letter has been the victim of curses

The oath in Orun and Ozain was born in this odun for the man, who has the path of Ifá. The religious governed by this letter has been the victim of curses, mainly at the hands of women, attend the foot of Orula so that that astrality is reversed.

You should receive Elegguá and the Warriors for your life to continue to flourish. This sign speaks of problems with justice and recommends the awo to do ebbó so as not to lose freedom. you must keep all your affairs at bay without talking about more so that problems are not sought due to misunderstandings.

3. Okana Oshe marks fortune on the earth plane

Yewa's dress and crown arose in Okana Oshe, a letter that marks throughout life to receive this Orisha. This is an odun that marks fortune on the earth plane and long life if you are obedient and responsible.

The religious governed by this odun is taboo to charge the religious ceremonies that are performed. You has a noble heartThat's why many people have taken advantage of their feelings.

You must save money so that in old age you do not suffer deficiencies. don't lend your money because when it comes time to collect it they will not want to return it and the favor done will become a problem for you.

4. Under no circumstances should children be abandoned.

Okana Oshe relates that Oyá after being abandoned by Shango he gave his children a candle and then burned himself at the stake, this is an odun that after mistakes the person tries to take his own life, you cannot attempt against his life or that of his children, in this odun the woman is emotionally dependent on His couple.

Ifá says that marriage problems cannot affect the children. In this odun, the bad father suffers from embarrassment and is publicly rejected by his children. Ifá says that children should never be abandoned, even if the father leaves the house, you must continue to care for them and watching over their well-being.

5. In this odun the bee worked to keep the hive full of honey.

The awo of this Ifá is very sentimental and falls deeply in love. in okana oshe great sacrifices are made for love. In this odun, the bee worked from sunrise to sunset to keep the hive full of honey. Orumila says that you have worked to support your partner's children more than your own.

This sign warns that the person does sacrifices for people that are not worth it in the long run nor do they care to help him, being the drones of the hive, in his ilé (house) no person can live who does not contribute to the work and expenses of the house.

You cannot live surrounded by parasites, because you will never be able to see the fruit of your work, you are a person who prefers the world to be happy before you. 

6. Ifá says that your enemies can set you up

You are a person who stands out from the crowd, embodying the character of Olofin's parrot, the animal that was so feted by the supreme that when leaving Olofin's palace the other animals attacked him, tearing out his feathers and staining him with ink with the aim of never seeing him shine again.

This odun says that your enemies can set a trap for you to attack you or to tarnish your name before the world. for you to lose your reputation.

Do not give anyone the pleasure of seeing your prestige fall to the ground, in the face of life's adversities, find a way to get up without complaining so that you are not the object of humanity's mockery.

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