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8 Tips from Okana Sodde: The gift of healing with her hands

Okana Sodde Tips

Odun of Ifá where he speaks the action of Inle and Abata, the divine doctor and nurse, the religious governed by this odun must in the course of his life receive these Orishas for health, stability and seat on the plane of the earth.

Okana Sodde (Ogbe) was born with a special gift in her hands, decreeing that every living thing it touches will be healed, you were born to do wonders through your hands.

You You cannot lend or give away any hat or hat that he has worn, because with this action he will give away his crown and his good luck.

1. You must regularly wear the Obatalá necklace

In this Ifá, Elegguá is pampered, the Orisha, owner of all roads, chases you to give you luck, a good thing that you will obtain if you know how to use your intelligence correctly.

In this sign, nothing is gained through victimization and whim, behaviors that only lead to failure.

The religious must regularly wear the necklace of the great father Obatalá, the greatest saint who is in charge of providing peace and who comes into his life to provide him with patience, through the mediation of Baba. you must wear white or light colors.

2. You must say every day Maferefún Eggun

Remember to say Maferefún eggun every day! and give thanks to the good spirits who have led him on the path of good, heed the advice that they will offer you throughout your life, they will know better than anyone what is best for your future. 

In this Ifá, when sacrifice is offered to Orumila, her apetebí Oshún is invited to enjoy the offering. The luck of the woman governed by Okana Sodde is found in having long, well-groomed fingernails, with these will seize good fortune as the tiger seizes its prey with the claws

3. For love to arrive, you must give a gift of grace to Oshun

So that it comes to your life stability in love:

  • He must give Oshún a gift of grace and represent using a doll an eggun omo Yalorde who is part of his spiritual cord, who will fix everything broken in his life.

Reinforce the door of your ile (house) and the warriors who live behind her. In this odun for arayeses with a woman you have great losses, avoid arguing with women.

You have a dog that you need to take care of, because with his barking he has freed him from death and the Osogbos.

4. To achieve a dignified life there must be sacrifice

Okana sodde he should put service to eggun at the foot of a tree inside a holy field.

In this Ifá Orumila slept a lot and did not work, that is why he could not prosper, to achieve a dignified life he must exist before all sacrifice. You must learn to listen to advice of the people who appreciate him well and find a job in which he can earn an honest living.

5. Okana Sodde's luck is in her intelligence

Do spiritual work in your ilé to satisfy their spirits, In your house you cannot miss the spiritual vault, because eggun has freed him from many battles.

Okana Sodde's luck lies in knowing how to use intelligence in a reasonable way, put aside the impulses, learn to listen and then respond so you don't make hasty decisions.

6. Avoid arrogance and impotence so that you do not live in osogbos

This is the Ifá of the tiger, in this odun the person does not cut his nails to use them as claws and catch luck. The person in this odun must strive to be more empathetic with those around him, Ifá says that you are always ready for war.

  • avoid pride and impotence so that they do not live as osogbos.
  • Don't disrespect him to the elderly.

7. Shango is the ruling Orisha of this odun

Okana Sodde will find his downfall in a young woman, try to start a family with someone contemporary with you.

Shangó is the ruling Orisha of this odun, the Cape will be responsible for each of his wars, helping him to emerge victorious from them.

  • Have Shango in a privileged place of his ile,
  • put him Red wine,
  • their swords of Santa Barbara and
  • their black princes (Red roses) so that you honor him as he deserves.

8. You know everything that happens around you

The advice of Okana Sodde say that the woman governed by this odun should put aside his past of infidelities if you want to find marital stability.

You are a person who knows everything that happens around you and what you don't know you imagineShe is very cunning and that is why she has come far in life, she just has to cultivate patience so that nothing can destabilize her, neither good nor bad things. 

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