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Advice from Okana Yekun, where the anger of the Orishas was born

Okana Yekun Tips

Ifá where Olokun's water was used for the first time for cleaning, baths and as a remedy for illness.

In Okana Yekun the religious must be respectful of the saints, because in this letter the anger of the Orishas was born before disobedience and disrespect.

What advises and warns Ifá in Okana yekun?

Orumila warns him through this sign that you should be very careful with your children, educate and supervise them when they go to places outside their home, teach them not to trust strangers, as this odun talks about abuse that minors may suffer or traumatic experiences that you may have suffered in your childhood.

1. In Okana Yekun the claim of the human being arises

You should avoid lighting used candles and be aware that these are not completely consumed, because through this action you will lose health. The oluo in this letter must be careful when making the ebbó.

In Okana Yekun the vindication of the human being arises, in this letter Shangó and Orumila did misdeeds and one day they modified their behavior earning Olofin's forgiveness, spend your life doing good, do not look for dañaThere will be no one to stand out and you will see how prosperity and peace will flood your life.

Ifá says that as long as the world is world, perfection will not exist on earth.

2. You can't clarify gossip, be careful with your enemies

Live a quiet life, undisturbedDon't try to go to the extreme because one day you may inadvertently find death in your actions. Do not inquire into matters that do not correspond to you, do not curse, or defame, if you do not want the bear to persecute you.

You cannot clarify gossip, be careful with your enemies, they are stronger than you imagine. Conform with what the Orishas have given you, do not deny food or help to anyone who knocks on your door, in the future the needy may be you.

3. The Orishas will put him to the test seeking to measure his faith

You can not stop attending to eggun, in the spirits will be your luck, your support and the strength you will need to not give up. If you want you can read these tips to honor and attend to Eggún (spirits) "click here"

The Orishas will put you to the test in search of knowing the depth of your faith, do not blaspheme and prove your worth before them. To overcome the difficulties, you will have to make an invitation to the eggunes and the Orishas in your ile (house). Make ebbó so that envy stays away from your life and the evil eye.

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