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Oshe Niwo Advice: Your Sacrifices Will Be Rewarded

Oshe Niwo Tips

The falsehood of the human being is born in Oshe Niwo, odun where man transforms his character and assumes different behaviors in order to obtain a benefit.

Ritual to avoid hypocrisy and unmask enemies, the religious must:

  • Place a mask behind the door of your house.

Ifá says that to the place that you are not invited, do not attend and in this way you will save yourself from suffering hot flashes. This is an odun of betrayal where the person being helped will repay you by stabbing you in the back.

In Oshe Niwo all sacrifices will be rewarded

Through the mediation of this odun you you have to take care of your family, because when the enemy cannot knock him down, he will attack his children, the children correctly guided in the path of life will not be lost.

Ifá says in the Oshe Niwo Councils that if you learn to properly manage your finances, will not suffer financial deprivation. In Oshe Niwo all the sacrifices that you make in the long run will be rewarded by Olodumare.

If the blessing of Eggun does not exist in your life, prosperity will not come to you

You must know your spiritual picture, because setbacks may occur in your life caused by eggunes (spirits) poorly attended or lacking in development. Perform their deceased masses for the church, place the service to eggun and keep the vault clean and flowery.

Remember that if in the life of the religious there is no blessing of eggun abundance and evolution will not come to him.

It is taboo in Oshe Ojuani to make promises

  • Oshe Niwo is a sign of theft of knowledge, positions and astralities, be careful who tells your secrets so they don't steal your good luck.
  • You cannot self-medicate, or ingest pills without first reading the package insert and the expiration date, you must be careful of suffering from poisoning.
  • In this odun a hutia is raised for prosperity. 
  • It is taboo in Oshe Niwo make promises because when it comes to paying them, their cost is very high.
  • Do not tell lies nor curse anyone.

Oshe Niwo must have respect for Elegguá

The religious ruled by Oshe Niwo must have respect for Choose Orisha that opens and closes the roads, a lack of yours towards Eshu can bring you serious consequences.

The person that you choose to form a family must be older than you or the same age, marrying a minor can bring you mishaps in the future.

So that the past and its ghosts are left behind, do ebbó

Ifá says that for the past and its ghosts to be left behind you must make ebo at the foot of Orumila.

Ritual to resolve difficulties:

  • Oshe Niwo must place a carob tree stick behind the door of his house and tie a red ribbon to it.

You can't live in adultery, product of infidelity, Oshe Niwo may lose his life.

Through this letter you religion must work.

By offering help to those in need, you will make ebbó and prosper

In Oshe Niwo for disobedience and disrespect, the spirit guide abandons him. In this sign, the Jimaguas and Ildeú are bastions in the life of the religious, because through evolutions on foot of these Orishas the person will win all his wars.

Through the action of disown the person will fall into osogbo. By offering help to those in need, you will make ebbó and prosper.

Do not receive tobacco because through these they will do sorceries. In this sign it is forbidden to have romances with relatives of blood and religion.

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