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Otura Ika Tips: Have this powerful herb with Eleguá

Tips Otura Ika

Otura Ika establishes that all religious must have together with the orisha Elegguá a scratch belly cuje, ewe (grass) that:

  • symbolizes discipline with which the holy warriors are herded to the consecration of the Osha,
  • stalk that rid of all evil and witchcraft,
  • has a special gift for drive on the right track to those who wish to be led,
  • Among its virtues is clean the path of the religious opening paths for new opportunities.

The scratch belly cuje It is a source of health, it is a blessed branch that must be respected during the Osha-Ifá consecrations.

1. There is no greater blessing for Otura Ika than bañacrs in the sea

One of the requirements of this Ifá lies in discipline and in knowing how to abide by warnings for one's own good and that of the family, this is an odun in which disobediences are paid dearly.

This letter marks impotence in man. A great blessing for the Otura Ika sign that bañaBeing in the sea, this contact with the mother of the world will replenish the spent energies and will serve as encouragement to continue, when you are going through difficulties, lean on Yemayá, Orisha who will never leave you alone, the sea will be a door to good luck for you.

So that your dreams come true, your sorrows are cured and even your ailments are alleviated:

  • Write a letter to Yemayá and deliver it to her in the sea, accompanyañada of a black prince (intense red rose).

2. Orula advised Oggún not to be so arrogant

In this Ifá Orumila advised Oggún not to be so arrogant, to learn to control your temper If he wanted to succeed in life, every time Oggún got upset he would throw things and fight with everyone. Orula told Oggún that one day he could lose his life because of his way of being, time passed and one day in a fit of rage Oggún threw his machete, it bounced and stuck in his heart, dying instantly.

Modulate your character so that by pride your health is not affected. In this odun, when the awo gets upset, he unleashes a war with everyone around him, a situation that will expose him to suffering attacks from the environment in which he operates or even his own.

3. Sign of winners, where the person goes far

In Otura Ika the religious is saved by making ebbó, if you follow Orumila's advice you will go far in life. This is a sign of winners, where the person goes as far as he proposes.

Ifá recommends you not to search the street for what you have at home because by doing so you will lose both what is safe and what is fantasy, in this odun do not change the safe for the unsafe. Do not live infidelities so that you do not suffer from harassment.

Take care of suffering an intervention surgery mediated mainly by a stab wound.

4. Don't be inflexible or extremist

An upset can cost you your life, don't bother finished eating so that his blood pressure does not rise and he is affected for life.

You cannot be an inflexible or extremist person, learn to listen to reasons, you could be in the place of the affected person in the future. Calm will be your best adviser and pride its downfall. Do not take everything that happens to you in life so personally, learn to let go of what affects you so that your health is not damaged.

You have a reputation as a witchDue to his character, many times people fear him.

5. You can become a hemiplegic from a displeasure

Gastrointestinal diseases frequently affect Otura Ika, do not eat overdue food so that you do not get sick.

Be very careful in this Ifá, because the religious of a displeasure can become a hemiplegic, check your blood pressure to avoid the appearance of this ailment.

You have within your spiritual picture a family eggun who used a machete, perform masses to that spirit so that it evolves and reaches the strength it needs to continue apoyándolo.

6. Saint Lazarus is a sacred saint for you

San Lázaro is a saint that under his roof must be sacred, if he does not have his representation, look for it and attend to it, this saint is a sign of health and blessings in his life.

His enemies watch him to take him by surprise, do not wander down the street late at night. Take care of suffering assaults in the street or robberies in your home.

For this odun women should marry with an Ifá priest to find marital stability, legally formalize your union to make it solid. 

In this sign when the man raises his hand to the woman her guardian angel produces impotence and illnesses in revenge.

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