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4 Tips from Oyekun Irete: Do not be self-sufficient in this life

Tips Oyekun Irete

In your close circle there is a person who has done sorcery to deteriorate your health and as a result of this you have begun to suffer from your legs.

Never let self-sufficiency get the best of you, ask what you don't know, you'll gain knowledge and get out of a long-term problem.

Odun Oyekun Irete's advice says that right now what you need is stability and a seat in your life, so that little by little your destiny is channeled towards prosperity and this will be achieved through your Eggunes (spirits) and Orishas. .

1. You can't meet crazy people who like conflict

So that your life does not get lost on the wrong path:

  • Learn to master impulses and violence.
  • Do not meet with controversial people.

Take care of suffering from hernias because if this pathology is not treated, they can strangulate and you will suffer a complication, even requiring surgical intervention.

2. In this sign the person makes enemies and seeks trouble for free.

Stay away from individuals who enjoy public scandals, when you see a fight in the street go the other way and stay away from this osogbo.

In Oyekun Irete the religious has enemies and he looks for free problems, for this reason the Orishas are indicating that he must protect himself from this type of phenomenon.

3. When you feel tormented, go to the seashore to see Yemayá

take refuge in the goddess of the sea Yemaya, because this Orisha loves him so much that she will make all his problems hers.

If one day you feel tormented, sad or distressed, go to the seashore and talk to Yemayá there so that your difficulties are solved.

In this letter you are taken to the beach addimus (offerings) to Yemayá, such as:

  • seven fruits,
  • a bouquet of red roses,
  • palanquetas (candy bars),
  • chicharritas and pork rinds, among other elements.

we share some rituals in the name of Yemayá with each procedure to make it easy for you to perform them (click here).

4. In Oyekun Irete, peanuts, sesame and alcoholic beverages are respected

It is taboo in this odun of Ifá:

  • Mistreating children and being disobedient to the saint's prohibitions, the more respectful you are, the more blessings you will receive.
  • Peanuts and sesame are respected, as well as alcoholic beverages, in a state of intoxication the person can lose his life or have a great embarrassment.
  • If you drink, you don't drive.

We share other oddunes and the wisdom of Ifá:

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