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Advice from Oyekun Iroso: Where the emigration of man is born

Tips Oyekun Iroso

Orula says in Oyekun Iroso that you cannot live with a person who is extremely jealous because you will not be happy.

Respect the sons and daughters of Oshun so that the wrath of Yalorde will not be poured out on you.

What Ifá mark in Oyekun Iroso?

In Oyekun Iroso the emigration of the human being in search of a better future is born, for this to be given you must:

  1. make ebbo,
  2. act as legally as possible
  3. Before leaving, leave your family well protected and you cannot forget about it when you are in other lands, because you should be grateful.

1. In this sign the torment is born on the person by sorceries

In Oyekun Iroso the torment of the religious for sorcery is born, marking the realization of head prayer to recover sanity.

  • You can not lend your clothes or your belongings so that they do not do witchcraft,
  • don't leave valuables unattended or near windows so you don't lose them.

This is the Ifá of the swallow, a bird that migrates according to the seasons of the year looking for prosperity and that builds its house of mud.

You must build your home with the truth ahead so that when the inclemency of fate strikes you, it does not fall apart.

2. En Oyekun Iroso cannot live with melancholy

This is a sign where the religious cannot live with sadness:

  1. Put on music so that joy enters your home and the room is recharged with good energy.
  2. Avoid having plaster or clay ornaments in your house because evil spirits will stay inside and cause arayés (problems) inside your dwelling.
  3. If you have any broken bear figurines, get rid of them so you don't have osogbos in your life.

3. In your family people will find salvation in faith

In his family, all believers must establish Osha at the right time so that they are saved.

Tips for your health:

So that your health does not deteriorate, avoid ingesting:

  • White beans,
  • foods with excess fat and
  • flours.

In this odun the last thing that the human being can lose is hope.

The Councils of Orula in Oyekun Iroso say that when the religious loses faith is lost, because the person's salvation lies in his convictions, believe himself capable of achieving his dreams and he will become invincible.

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