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4 Tips from Oyekun Iwori: Ifá where you have to know how to give and receive

Oyekun Iwori Tips

When someone arrives at the door of your house to offer you a good, a gift or help, do not despise it so that you do not lose luck.

  • In this sign you have to know how to give, but you also have to learn to receive.

What marks the odun of Ifá Oyekun Iwori?

never mistreat anyone in order to improve yourself because instead of prospering you will fall behind.

You must have a gold pledge that will be consecrated to you in Oshún so that this Orisha always accompanies him.

1. You must have serenity to face life with intelligence

Despite the magnitude of the news you may receive in the future, You must have serenity so that you can act intelligently, regardless of the scenario in which you find yourself.

Do not attend public places where they crowd large numbers of people because they could confuse you and even attack you.

2. Ifá says that you are watched over by people close to your family

Ifá advises you that as you are watched by close people, keep your purposes secret so that they are not biased by envy.

When you get sick you should go to the doctor and do not self-medicate because it could make your condition worse because of this.

Never neglect yourself to save humanity because if you harm yourself, you will not be able to do anything for your loved ones or peers.

3. You must respect the word of your mother and father

Always respect the word of your parents, listen to his advice to do well in life, if your parents are deceased, dedicate a mass and attend them so that their spirits enjoy light and progress. 

Rituals for old Lazarus:

Do not mistreat animals so that the blessing of Saint Lazarus Blessed:

  • Give her a bouquet of flowers to a missionary spirit of Babalú Ayé who accompanied himaña y
  • read him the prayer of Saint Lazarus for your health and prosperity.

can read the Prayer to the Great Saint Lazarus Blessed for Health and Healing Diseases "click here"

4. Respect the gourd, do not eat or cut it, dedicate it to Oshún

In this odun you must respect the gourd, so do not eat or cut it. When a pumpkin enters your home it must be for Yalorde.

It is taboo in Oyekun Iwori:

  • Lean into the wells and cisterns to see if they have water because he could faint and lose his life.

You, for being grateful, cannot become a slave. from anyone around you, do not give in to blackmail or do anything against your will.

We share more Ifá tips, continue reading…

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