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Advice from Oyekun Nilogbe: Health is not given away and I will go in vain

Tips Oyekun Nilogbe

In Oyekun Nilogbe drums are not played for free nor are religious consecrations carried out without charging a right for it, health is not given away and I will go in vain.

And although religious work is something so great and sacred that it is not paid with anything material, coconuts, candles and flowers corresponding to the Orishas must be required.

What marks the odun Oyekun Ogbe to the religious?

In this Ifa their peers teach the person crooked paths to fail, so you should not give your trust or your heart to just anyone.

1. In this letter it is taboo to mistreat children

In this odun of Ifá, Orisha Oko and Odúa are worshiped, in the course of his life these will be two Orishas to receive for:

  • Health,
  • stability and
  • firmness on the ground plane.

You were born to serve Orumila and to work religion.

In Oyekun Ogbe it is taboo mistreat children and expel them from your home, because with this action you will be losing luck and the blessing of little Orisha Elegguá.

Do not raise your hand to anyone or hit anyone on the head, so that you do not provoke the fury of this person's guardian angel.

2. You cannot despise any person or any Orisha

To prosper in life:

  • Offer a chicken to Elegguá and pray to the jimaguas with fresh fruits.

The religious cannot despise any person or any Orisha, so that in your life you do not lose peace of mind, learn to be humble and help the needy without thinking about the benefit you will get for this action.

Be aware that the saint offers peace, tranquility and health and Osha is not received or made for enrichment purposes, the Orishas are only sought by faith, not for profit.

3. Do not let yourself be dominated by arrogance or stubbornness because you will fail

Take care of suffering damage to the teeth, as it could suffer irreversible damage to the teeth.

If the religious allows himself to be dominated by pride and stubbornness, he will fail on the path of life.

  • Respect alcoholic beverages and do not fall into vices.
  • Do not use induced abortions as a method of contraception because you could suffer severe damage to the endometrium and later not be able to procreate a family when you want to form it.

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