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Advice from Oyekun Odi: Orula comes to the life of the religious to save him

Tips Oyekun Odi

Tells the sign of Ifá Oyekun Odi the wish that Orunmila expressed to Olofin not to lower any head until humanity is redeemed from its sins, for this reason no religious mounts with Orunmila nor does any Ifá priest pass spirits.

In this odun it is said maferefún Orula the great oracle every day of this world, because the diviner Orisha comes into the life of the religious to save him and to give him a new path to follow.

Destiny that will be of prosperity or misfortune depending on whether the person is capable of intelligently heeding the advice that Orula offers him in itá. 

Ifá where the sun is greeted by crossing its arms

In Oyekun Odi was born the honor they possess the Orishas of immortality and the cult towards Olorun, where the sun is greeted by crossing its arms and asking for its blessing every day.

In the same way, blessings and wishes are requested at sunset, when the king star withdraws from the sky and gives way to the moon and stars.

In this sign the world was suffering evils and Orula fixed it

This is an Ifá in which the man must take care of his genital organs, as he may suffer from impotence and diseases of the prostate gland.

In Oyekun Odi the world was suffering evils and Olofin sent Orula to fix it and restore order, harmony and health on earth.

This being a letter in which things begin to change through the arrival of a person from another land.

The person who lives this sign must always tell the truth

In this Ifá the orange saved Orunmila from impotence, it is recommended that men governed or consulted under this letter make ebbo at the foot of Orunmila to save themselves from this condition.

The advice of Oyekun Odi says that the person who lives this odun must always tell the truth so that the Orishas help him.

It is taboo in this odun:

  • Leaving the house open until late at night because the spirits enter it and prevent the person from falling asleep.

Oyekun Odi is a sign where the person is not on good terms with his father, but despite this he can never dare to curse him so that Olofin does not punish him and does not fall behind.

Sometimes the person feels the need for that paternal affection that he did not have and his refuge for this evil is found in his own children, in not depriving them of all those moments and feelings that he could not enjoy.

In Oyekun Odi the person is immersed in insults and criticism

Remember that in this Ifa the worst bear it is being ungrateful and turning your back on the person who reached out to you when you needed it most.

In this odun of Ifá, the person is continuously immersed in insults and criticism from enemies who want to be like her and cannot achieve it, that is why they try to minimize her and make her feel bad, they offer negative advice so that she fails, that is why the religious must be selective when choosing your circle of friends.

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