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Advice and works in Oyekun Ofun: Ifá where ties are broken

Tips Oyekun Ofun

The transformation of the earth and Elegguá born in the odun of Ifá Oyekun Ofun.

Letter that predicts changes in the life of the religious propitiated by Elegguá the Orisha owner of the roads.

Eshu speaks in this sign that:

  • It is time to make modifications.
  • Put aside the fears, the failures of the past and the insecurities that do not contribute anything to the present.
  • It is time to tackle new projects and grow professionally and spiritually.

In Oyekun Ofun the ties are broken and the birds fly in search of different horizons. You were not born to be a slave, in independence you will find your victory.

In Oyekun Ofun Elegguá became great in the Yoruba land thanks to Oyá

Elegguá in the odun Oyekun Ofun became great in the Yoruba land thanks to the support of the Orisha Oyá who told him which path he should take to reach the iré.

Oyá and Elegguá are two holy bastions in the life of the religious, to whom you owe obedience and respect, to never lose good fortune periodically perform ebbo at the foot of Eshu.

Ritual to attract luck:

So that in your ilé (house) there is no lack of iré (blessing), peace and development:

  • Place a picture of Santa Teresita de Jesús behind the main door and make prayers to this saint with whom it is syncretized. Oyá In the catholic church. 
  • Always respect Oyá and their daughters.

This is a letter in which the person must earn the respect of their peers

Ifá says that in this odun Shangó ceded the power of the kingdom to Orumila, a sign that marks a change of position.

This is a letter in which the person must earn the respect of his peers so that they value him.

Orumila warns the person that:

It will be worth as much on earth as knowledge has.

This is an odun that establishes that the religious must have preparation so that he reaps more blessings on his way, decisions cannot be made impulsively because the battle will be lost before the war is fought.

When the religious is sick, he must do works at the foot of Oyá

In Oyekun Ofun:

  • Works are done at the foot of Elegguá to get a partner.
  • In this sign, the mesophyll (crystal of the leaf) of aloe is ingested to combat gastritis.
  • His life is next to a religious person.
  • No infidelities are committed so that the marriage is not destroyed.

Ritual for the religious in the face of illness:

  • He must sleep and clean himself with the iruke of Oyá to scare death.
  • Dress in white so that your astral is always clean.

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