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Advice from Oyekun Ogunda: Where the spirituality of Ifá was born

Tips Oyekun Ogunda

Oyekun Ogunda It is the odun where the spirituality of Ifá was born and why there is no Ifá without Eggun (spirits).

The power of our Yoruba religion it comes from nature and from the ancestors, who from generation to generation were transmitting to the new generations the religious secrets that we treasure today, thanks to which we know the rituals to perform consecrations, to cite an example.

Three warnings dedicated to the religious in this odun

The religious governed under this Ifá He has in the spirits a bastion of incalculable value and it is his duty and fortune to work the spiritual field, because through Eggun he will be able to win many battles.

1. In this letter the person does not sit at the table with unpleasant people

In this sign emerged the loaded jar and the evolution of blowing chewed coconut with guinea pepper to the four winds.

Says Ifá in the advice of Oyekun Ogunda that the religious should not sit at the table to share with people who are not to his liking or with whom there have been disagreements, because the food will not suit him.

  • Orumila exonerates the person from eating at the table and allows him to make ebo by eating the food on the mat.
  • You should avoid arguments and disagreements at meal times.

2. Other children are not cared for and avoid meeting in gossip

As long as the world is a world, Oyekun Ogunda will be the victim of slander and accusations, as a result of which he may even have problems with the law.

In this sign, other people's children are never taken care of and they avoid finding themselves on everyone's lips.

  • You should not go to sleep wearing clothes that you have gone out on the street with.
  • Avoid sleeping in someone else's bed.
  • Do not lend your belongings to anyone, because when you claim them back they may not be in the same condition as you lent them.

3. You should pray your head so you don't suffer memory loss

You must beg your head so that you do not suffer memory loss, respect Obatalá and always pray for your health, also avoid eating coconut.

The religious cannot eat in any house where he is invited because they could make a curse through the food.

  • Do not give your trust to just anyone because you will suffer disappointments.
  • A person close to your house is your worst enemy, stay alert.
  • Chickens are not eaten in this sign, since they belong to the orisha of love Oshun.

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