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3 Tips from Oyekun Ojuani: Elegguá is a bastion in this Ifá

Tips Oyekun Ojuani

In the odun of Ifá Oyekun Ojuani Elegguá ate goat for the first time.

This is a letter where the presence and attention to Eshu are essential, because this Orisha constitutes in the life of Oyekun Ojuani a bastion of incalculable value.

Warnings and powerful advice for the religious in Oyekun Ojuani

The religious ruled by this Ifá To unwrap its causes and break the obstacles that come in its way, it must:

  • Throw a party for Elegguá in the doorway of his house,
  • break a piñata on top of its representation,
  • that day you should invite several children and let them enjoy with hubbub.

1. You are a very spiritual person, with spirits being a stronghold in your life.

Oyekun Ojuani is an odun that marks honors to the deceased (eggun), so that they reach light and spiritual progress:

  • The eggunes are made drawer,
  • cordon spirits are attended to and
  • Masses are held for him in the church

The religious in this sign is a very spiritual person, the spirits being a bulwark in his life, they provide him with health, strength and caution to face adversity.

Your life without the presence of eggun would be a sea of ​​perdition, cling to your eggunes with faith, learn to listen to their advice and you will avoid many stumbling blocks on the earth plane.

2. Odun of prosperity when you are obedient to warnings

In this letter Orumila made ebbo to the whole town and saved his city, in this Ifá the character resolved his adversities by performing ebbo.

This sign speaks of the prophecy in which your family and friends will be saved through your person, but for this you have to live with faith.

This is an odun of prosperity and evolution, as long as you are obedient to the warnings of the eggunes and Orishas.

Never deny your beliefs, for it is in faith that your salvation will be found.

3. In this odun are born the rituals to bless and to curse

In this Ifá speaks the action of azojano, deity that intervenes in the life of the religious to make constructive and destructive enchantments.

In Oyekun Ojuani, rituals are born to bless and curse people, although it is important not to cast curses because sooner or later divine justice will charge for bad actions.

In this sign the person will be persecuted to the grave for their sins.

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