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Advice from Oyekun Okana: The path of the Leri Ofo was born in this Ifá

Tips Oyekun Okana

In the odun of Ifá Oyekun Okana The cult of Aye, Orisha treasurer of Oshun, was born.

  • Deity that comes into the life of the religious to give them health and to teach them to manage and value what they have, mainly time, which is one of the greatest fortunes that man has to dispose of.

The ritual of consecration of the paintings of the saint was also born in this odun, a ceremony of vital importance to carry out the Osha.

The path of the Leri Ofo or reincarnation, saw its origins in the patakis of this Ifá, where the human being will return to earth after dying, reincarnating the destiny that he may deserve according to the actions corresponding to his previous life.

It is the work of the religious to serve others, because we all come into this world with a mission to fulfill and what better task than doing good without expecting anything in return.

The spirits are the strength of Oyekun Okana

In Oyekun Okana the spirits speak, these are the mentors and protectors of the religious on earth.

Oyekun Okana Religious Tips:

To achieve greater firmness and spiritual union with the ancestors on the earth plane:

  • Eggun (spirits) are given a hookah and direct assistance, which must be changed regularly. 

The person is recommended to perform a spiritual research mass

One of the goals to be pursued by the religious governed under the odun Oyekun Okana is to achieve rapport with their spiritual picture.

  • Especially with a spirit with a direct Oshún tendency that provides the person with health and luck.

Recommended carry out a mass of spiritual investigation to define the protective beings of the individual and thus position each spirit in its corresponding place.

Oshun is the protective deity of Oyekun Okana

adore the orisha oshun every day of this world, pay tribute to her and strive to be a better human being every day so that she feels proud of you, because if you are not the legitimate son of the Orisha of the honey bee, you are her protégé and this saint will watch over you. for you the whole life.

This saint will be a bastion of incalculable value in your life, because with her wisdom she will guide your steps on this earth.

In this odun when the religious is going to make a transcendental decision, he must first consult Oshun to find out if she will give him license to carry out the act that is proposed. 

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