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Oyekun Osa's advice: Respect everyone and honor those who helped you

Tips Oyekun Osa

Do not be ungrateful in life so that curses do not come to you.

In this sign it is strictly forbidden to put aside the people who have reached out to you. 

Respect all those around you if you want them to repay you with the same action.

Never forget that the greatest within the Yoruba religion is the Ifá priest and that he deserves respect, never miss your godfather so that Orunmila does not get upset with you.

Give Shangó a bunch of bananas covered with poplar leaves

Pay the Orisha Shango the promises he has made to him and consider his debts to this deity settled.

Ritual with Kawosile:

Give Shangó a bunch of bananas covered with banana leaves so that this Orisha:

  • Get rid of all the bad things on the road,
  • war, witchcraft, envy and bad thoughts about you cover you.

Avoid problems and fights that could end in bloodshed, because due to an error or a blow without real intentions to annihilate your opponent, you can commit a crime and lose your freedom.

In your house there are lawsuits for goods and money, make ebbo to win

Before leaving on a trip you should always make ebbo so that good fortune may accompany you.

In your house there are lawsuits over goods and money, make ebbo so you don't lose your rights and your luck.

Due to pride and arrogance you could lose everything in life, be respectful and with the favor of the Orishas you will achieve everything you set out to do.

In this sign it is taboo to cross the junction of the river and the sea

Respect pregnant women, because thanks to a pregnant woman who has ties to you, Oggun will send you a blessing.

This is an odun where it is taboo to cross the junction of the river and the sea and offer to Oshún and leave Yemayá aside.

Always keep in mind that you are a child of the two waters and that you must have these saints at the same level, providing them with the same affection and equal attention.

Ritual in the name of the Gypsy:

  • Represent a doll dressed in blue and yellow,
  • Put a set of Spanish cards, sunflowers and black princes, and a fan on these
  • and treat her like a gypsy.

In this action you will represent that Eggun, daughter of the union of the river with the sea that accompanies it.aña.

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