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Oyekun Oshe tips: where you pray for spirits of ancestors

Tips Oyekun Oshe

The hearse is born in the odun Oyekun Oshe, mortuary tool used to transport the corpses to their grave, which is driven by the Orisha Babalú Ayé, deity who delivers the mortal remains of men to earth, the place we come from and to which we return once we have fulfilled our mission on earth.

The person to get what you want feels victorious regardless of the cost

In this odun he speaks:

  • Marriage between people with blood ties,
  • home unification and
  • the emergence of the true family.

This is an Ifá where the person, upon obtaining what he wants, feels victorious and does not care about the cost he must pay to achieve his goal, failing to see the damage that his wishes can cause him.

You need to learn to reason before making your decisions so that getting what you want doesn't lead to your own ruin.

In this Ifá the person cannot neglect the pantheon of his family

In Oyekun Oshe the Oba pray to Olofin for the spirits of the Yoruba ancestors.

This is a letter that pays tribute to Eggun (spirits), finding in the dead the strength needed to overcome adversity.

Oyekun Oshe, an Ifá where:

  • The person can never neglect the pantheon of his family,
  • You must be careful so that it does not suffer an outrage or inclement weather cause a dent in its structure.
  • The religious must go to the cemetery with flowers for their deceased relatives.

Ifá says that in this sign, once deceased, the person reincarnates in another.

In Oyekun Oshe, once deceased, the person reincarnates in another and returns to the earth plane, which is why when making an ituto, this sign must be placed, representing all the ancestors through it.

This is a sign where tribute is paid to Oyá Yansa, the Orisha who commands the legions of the Eggunes and they offer him flowers, candles and eggplants.

The good religious will return to the earth plane to reap the fruits of the good deeds they sowed in life, while the bad people, if they return to earth, will do so to pay for their sins and suffer the karma that they will continue to carry.

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