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4 Tips from Oyekun Tura: The enemy camouflages his intention

Tips Oyekun Tura

Oyekun Tura is an Ifá of transfigurations, where phenomena reign, the religious can be involved in unexpected situations without knowing how to react to them.

In this odun, the enemy knows very well how to camouflage his true intentions and approaches you with the mask of a good friend, waiting for the right moment to betray you. 

1. Ifá says that you cannot trust even your shadow

In Oyekun Tura, Ifá says not to trust even in your shadow, do not do business with people who have hair of various colors, because in the long run they will harm you.

  • you have no friends,
  • walk alone that way it will be better than bad accompanimentañaof,
  • do not accept advice from everyone around you because not all people who are close to you want your well-being.

2. Ifá says that at an early age in life you had to mature

You are a person who has gone through many difficulties in life, on several occasions they have taken advantage of your good intentions to take advantage of it without appreciating that what you possess has come into your hands at the cost of sacrifice and dedication.

In this odun, Ifá says that, at an early age in life, you had to leave the game aside and start worrying about getting ahead by assuming the role of an adult in your home.

3. You must succeed or fail on your own, do not look for entourage

the fortune teller Orunmila advises you:

Never associate your luck or misfortune with any person, you must succeed or fail on your own, so that in the future no one recriminates you and you regret what you do.

The Councils of Oyekun Tura say that you learn to make decisions measuring the consequences of your actions, be faithful to your conscience and your wishes, and you will have nothing to reproach yourself for.

4. Cultivate the spiritual field so that you know stability

Oyekun Tura is an odun where the religious reaches a good position in life and despite seeing many of his dreams achieved, he feels empty and cannot find a way to rejoice.

You must cultivate the spiritual field so that this bad feeling changes and you begin to see new opportunities to smile.

Make a novena to your spiritual commission and do a spiritual investigation so that you discover the dead of your cord and can work with them.

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