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Tips for choosing a godfather or godmother in the Yoruba religion

godparents santeros

In our Yoruba religion, godparents play an ancestral role and therefore have great religious significance. Santeros conceive them as our parents in our new birth to religious life.

They are spiritual guides on the way, advisers and those who educate us when we choose to walk in this beautiful religion.

Being one of the first steps that an aleyo (uninitiated believer) must follow, many people have doubts about how it is correct to proceed when choosing the godfather or godmother that they will be for life, it is said in the popular:

«You must choose carefully the spoon with which you will eat»

Can I change my godparents?

If you are thinking that it is a short-term decision, that you will choose others later, the answer is "no", because it is a decision for life.

After having been crowned, you cannot change your godmother or godfather, because this would go against all religious ethics and morals.

It is a relationship that will last for life, which is why it is so important to reflect and make an appropriate decision.

Although there is no recipe or formula to make correct decisions, this post is based on my personal experiences and I hope it helps you.

The godparents: fundamental pillars and guides in your religious growth

You may wonder why these people are so important in our religion, mainly because:

  • It will be your godmother or godfather who will give you your first consecrations and will advise you on the way.
  • By having good sponsors we can ensure that we will find our destiny together with our Orishas.
  • They are the portal of knowledge, they will teach, educate and train us to be good religious.

When people decide their religious path it may be one of the most important decisions and at the same time the one that causes the most uncertainty.

Therefore, here are some observations that will clear your mind before making this choice.

The holy house:

  • When you enter a holy house you should breathe peace and tranquility, not to hear or fights, or gossip, defamation or bad words.
  • An Ilé (house) saints will always be orderly, clean, emanating energies and positive vibes.
  • You must also bear in mind that all the holy houses establish their norms, and you must know them, but those norms must be transmitted without imposing and with harmony.

In our religion there are duties and rights between godchildren and godmothers or godparents, a good religious in a respectful way will let you know, because if these rules did not exist there would be no order or respect.

Ethics and religious morals

  • If they begin to tell you about the life and work of their godchildren or to complain about them, you should leave because, as they do today with them, it will be your turn.añana to you
  • Always remember that the information between godchildren and godmothers or godparents is confidential, ethics, morals and love must reign in this relationship.
  • You should always pay attention to how he treats those around him, his fellow men.

Price is NOT the first

  • When you see that first of all they tell you a price, it is time to go! Because a good godfather or godmother first talks to you about why you want to become Osha and explain about our religion, you deserve all the necessary explanations and that you understand.
  • Do not admit pressure from anyone, a good religious godmother will ask you if you are ready or not to crown yourself, always giving you understanding to make those decisions that are suitable for you.
  • A good religious will not demand things from you that are not necessary, and if they are, he will have to explain the reasons to you, he will never take advantage of your ignorance.
  • When certain orders are not within your economic reach then they should help you and guide you so that you can get it.

Competition between religious

  • It is not ethical to comment on other priests of our religion in your presence, perhaps it is insinuating that you do not go to those holy houses and at the same time they are offending the Guardian Angel of those people.
  • We are all religious brothers, with defects and virtues, we must help each other and above all respect each other. Speaking badly of the other says a lot about ourselves.

All that glitters is not gold

  • don't get caughtañaBecause that person has luxurious tureens, many necklaces, a lot of money and a huge list of godchildren, what matters is that your future godmother or godfather has a good heart, religious formation and respect.

Listen to your intuition

But from my heart I tell you not to worry, intuition is not something that we can easily ignore, it will guide you towards the right thing.

  • If you feel uncomfortable with certain people or places, listen to your intuition, your spirit guides are warning you of something, if you feel those energies: stay away!

I recommend you read Why shouldn't you ignore your intuition?

These guidelines or keys to analyze a little the process of choosing the godfather and the godmother who accompanies youañaThey will be on the religious path, they are based on my personal experience, obviously there are many more details that we must take into account, but these are clear and will undoubtedly help you a lot.

Blessings and may the Orishas guide you to make the best decision.

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